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    Stuart (Edited )

    Point 4 states - "Delete the Feedback Tab at the bottom of the file."
    Do you mean the actual Feedback Tab CODE ? Perhaps a graphic showing this might be useful please?

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    I don't think the Web Widget is a good replacement for the feedback tab, because we can't change the text on the widget from "Help" to "Feedback".

    This makes the entrypoint to the features different, making the perceived use case different. For 100% of the cases that my company uses the feedback tab for, we do not feel comfortable making the transition to the web widget without being able to rename it "feedback". PLEASE give us the ability before forcing us to switch to the web widget!

    P.S. If you agree, please vote on this feature request: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/204096076-widget-customization-please?page=1#community_comment_207655748

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    Erica Wass

    @Samatha, just wanted to reiterate here that we have made some new text options. For the button text you can now choose between "Help," "Feedback," and "Support" and for the contact for button text: "Leave us a message," or "Contact Us".

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    Any suggestions for someone that still wants to have a form on a Contact Us page to get tickets into Zendesk?

    Sorry, but plenty of folks don't see the widget. Customers are used to looking for a Contact Us page on websites and having to replace that with text that says something like "sorry we don't have a contact us page anymore, look down in the corner of your device to see if you can find a green or blue button that says "help" on it and then press it" is not exactly the kind of user experience we want to offer.

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    Emily Littlefield

    This article needs to be updated to show the new location of the Help Center Tools Panel.

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Thanks for the heads-up, Emily! I'll let our Docs team know. :)

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    Christopher Grasso

    This says plan availability: Starter.  However, our starter plan doesn't have the ability to edit themes in help center.  How can I add the code if I cannot access the html?

    Also, is there an end of life to the feedback tab? we already have it installed on our external webpage, and has been working great for years. I don't like redoing things that have no benefit to our environment if I don't have to.

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    Claire Miller

    Hey Chris,

    Just to clarify, you're right that Starters cannot access the HTML or CSS of their Help Centers, so unfortunately they will not be able to add the Web Widget there. That being said, they are still able to ebed the Web Widget on any other external websites they have access to.

    As for your other question, yes. Our apologies for the inconvenience of it, but on November 1st of this year, the Feedback Tab will be going away along with Web Portal. You can read a bit more about this here: 

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