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We want to make sure we give everyone ample notice of deprecation of any feature or functionality. We understand, as consumers of Software as a Service ourselves, just how disruptive change can be.

Project type End of life timeline
Low effort and impact   6 months
High effort and impact   9 months

At a minimum, you will have 180 days from the day we announce a feature or product removal until the feature or product is removed from Zendesk.


As explained in "How will Zendesk communicate deprecation?", there are many types of communication we'll use to make sure everyone is informed about upcoming deprecations.

All of that communication is organized around key milestones. For the purpose of our deprecation policy, a "milestone" is defined as a significant deprecation event leading up to the feature's removal date.

Announcement milestone

The first milestone for a feature deprecation is the announcement. At this point we will create an article in the Announcement section of the Help Center.

We will also use other announcement mechanisms, such as an alert in your account or within the feature itself. See "How will Zendesk communicate deprecation?" to learn more about the different communication methods we might use.

From the date the announcement is posted, there will be at least 90 days before Zendesk moves on to the next milestone. After an announcement has been made, no further improvements or new functionality will be added to the deprecated feature.

End of development milestone

When end of development has been reached, there will be no real noticeable change to the feature or functionality being deprecated. At this point that Zendesk will:

  • No longer resolve most bugs or cosmetic issues
  • Continue to resolve major breakage in functionality
  • Continue to keep documentation available
  • Limit support to issues related to the feature's end-of-life and/or migration to its successor functionality (when available) 

Communication at this point will change to make it clear that the development and support of the feature is limited. From the end of development milestone, there will be at least 90 days before Zendesk moves on to the next milestone.

End of life milestone

The final milestone is the end-of-life date itself.  It is at this point Zendesk will begin removing the feature or functionality. Depending on the specific item being deprecated, this may result in the feature or functionality being removed entirely, or your account being automatically migrated over to the new successor functionality.


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