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    Kelli Swygert

    Thank you for adding this. I wish that this would become a feature Zendesk could incorporate. Manually updating a new sitemap is time consuming...

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    Henrik Schack

    I agree on that. Please make sitemap for searchengines part of the package

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    Will Strohl

    Thanks for the article, but...

    Honestly, these steps are a "hack."  There should be a sitemap in the root of our site that already exists for us to submit.

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    Dan Ross

    Does the article *have* to be public to work? We really don't need our customers seeing it.

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    Rob Tihanyi

    @Dan No you can move it to Draft once you have the full URL for the file. You won't see the article in the Help Centre anymore, but the URL can still be reached.

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    Anh Kato (Edited )

    Good tip!

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    Ben Speich

    But this isn't a true sitemap. Zendesk organizes all Articles under "/articles" and all Categories under "/categories".

    How to I get a true sitemap of where the articles are actually places?

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    Quentin Berson ♞

    What's the best practice when you have your help center in multiple language, and the article are not the same ?

    Do you upload one sitemap for each /hc/language ? And then add those sitemap to your main sitemap on you website ?


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    Mary Jean Kieffer Morishita

    Hi Quentin!

    Thanks for bringing this up! It will probably help many of our users. And, you are absolutely right. The best way is to create the separate site maps based on the URL's, just as you suspected.

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