Reporting on Average First Reply Time in Insights (Professional and Enterprise)

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  • Lee Savage

    Thank you for this. Unfortunately unlike Yoni I am stunned that such simple basics are not available for people to use immediately. I cannot imagine the logic that leaves such a basic tool unavailable without a tutorial. Investing the time on basics is a luxury some can ill afford.

  • Guillaume

    Is there a possibilty to have the same report but with hours instead of minutes?

  • Tobias Ritlov

    Thanks for the great tutorial, Sarah. @Guillaume, I converted it to hours by simply adding a /60 at the end of the "SELECT AVG(First reply time in minutes)" in our new custom metric.

    See screenshots:

  • Jessie Schutz
    Thanks for helping out, Tobias! :)
  • Zach

    What would I do if I wanted to filter this out by agent? The end goal is to see which agents have the lowest average response time.


    Appreciate any help I can get.

  • Megan Howell


    The best way to do this would be to leave the "WHAT" in the report the same, but under "HOW" choose Ticket Assignee. This slices the first reply time by each ticket assignee (rather than date as it is done in this example)- it is worth noting that this attribute is going to pull the agent currently assigned to the ticket, not necessarily the first person assigned to the ticket. If you want the results only for the last month, then you will apply the same filter described in this article.

  • Anthony Garcia Jr.



    I raised a ticket yesterday for the same query which Zachary has (1523251). I believe your response is the appropriate answer. However, I think it only applies when the first person who responded publicly on a ticket is the same person who closed the ticket, is that correct? In my understanding, Zendesk considers whoever last owns the ticket as the Ticket Assignee. But how about on instances where the person who first replied publicly on a ticket is different from the person who solved the ticket? Is there a way to capture the name of the agent who first responded publicly on the ticket.

  • Terry


    I reviewed the article in your prior request and I do believe this custom metric will help you find the information you are looking for. 

    The use case described is looking for the agent who made the first public reply.

    From the article: "you want to give credit to the agents who made the first reply, not the current assignee."

    The reason you need to create a custom metric is because you need to look at the Event model by updater. 

    • The Event metric can report on first reply times by the agents who submit them.

    This metric finds the earliest timestamp of a public comment by an agent that occurred after a ticket was created. Then, it calculates the difference between that comment timestamp and the creation timestamp. Finally, it converts the average of those values from minutes to hours.

  • Lester Madden

    When I view the FTR value in the insights tab, the value differs to the value provide in the report when I create this metric. Even though the date criteria is the same, and I haven't applied any other filtering.

    Any ideas why?

  • Rebecca


    The first reply time report in the Insights tab dashboard is reporting on median first reply time where where this article is helping you to create metrics to report on average first reply time. Therefore the difference is likely due to average vs. median FRT not being identical.

    Further, the default prebuilt FRT metrics in Insights are also finding the median first reply time.

  • Lester Madden

    Hi Rebecca

    Thanks for the reply. But I’m not sure I follow

    In the Insights tab: First reply time (average) is telling me 60.41 hours for April.
    Whereas the First reply time in minutes [Avg] metric per the article gives me = 51.64 (when converted to hours)

    Since the label in Insights is saying average, I can only assume it is average not median, but lets assume it means median.  If use the median metrics in the report I get:

    First time reply (hrs) [Mdn] = 16.6
    [Biz Hrs] First Reply time hrs [Mdn] =  4.6

    So I’m not convinced Insights is giving me a median value.

    My confusion is Insights is saying average and the average metric isn’t giving me the same value for the same period.

  • Rebecca

    Hey Lester- 

    I'd be happy to look into this for you; I am going to pull this into a ticket so I can look at your specific Zendesk to provide a more concrete answer. 

  • Umran Ali

    Hi, is there an api for this? 

  • Jessie Schutz

    Welcome to the Community, Umran!

    It looks we do have API endpoints for ticket reply times. Here's a direct link to that information: Ticket Metrics.

  • pajames

    The reporting on first reply time seems to be weird or I am misunderstanding something. I am trying to track down the outliers for our group (e.g. a ticket that took 101 hours for first reply). The date on the graph is January 31st. Is this date the date the ticket was submitted or the date of the first reply. I've tried tracking down the ticket either way and have yet to find one that took 101 hours for first reply?

    Is this metric measuring, by change, the first time the status of the ticket was changed or assigned or something?

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi pajames!

    I'm going to check with some of our Insights experts to see if we can find an answer on this for you!

  • Keith @ Zendesk

    Hey pajames,

    Here's a Reporting recipe that will help you zero in on the Ticket you're looking for:


  • Dolores Vincenzo


    has anyone an idea how I could convert the Avg First reply time taking in consideration business hours? I mean, how can I calculate the FRT Avg considering only Business hours?

    We had to deactivate business hours, because some groups have different business hours and therefore with one schedule (Professional plan) it is not possible to set more than one schedule.


  • Graeme Carmichael


    My understanding is that you will need to be on the Enterprise plan to create multiple schedules reflecting your various business hours. You then can assign a schedule to a ticket using a trigger based on the support group.

    Without this feature, you will not be able to calculate the FRT in business hours in Insights.

  • Christopher C.


    My averages are changing, is there a way to make these frozen after the week ends? I want to know what the average first reply time was for last week but it will move even when I am in the next week.


  • Dan Kondzela

    Hey Christopher,

    I just wanted to let you know I'm starting a ticket up to take a closer look at your report configuration. Keep an eye on your inbox!

  • Christopher C.

    Thank you Dan!


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