Overview of the Insights pre-built dashboard (Professional and Enterprise)

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  • Anna
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    With the 'reassignments per ticket', does that 1.1 include the initial assignment from unassigned to agent, or just subsequent reassignments?

  • Christopher C.
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    Where is the link to build this chart?

  • Graeme Carmichael
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    You can find these details under Reporting>Insights>Overview then scroll down to 'Usage Statistics'.

    If you look closely, this is not one report but several headline reports displayed side by side to look like one table.

    You can click on each headline to view the report and see how it is made.

  • Zornitsa Georgieva
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    Hi, I'm interested in identifying what number of tickets submitted as pending return as open, i.e. not the number of reopened tickets (as this means the ticket should have been in status "solved"). I want to understand better how many tickets return as open because the current metrics show me only the number of new tickets created and this doesn't give a clear picture at what time of the day agents are the busiest. Hope that makes sense!


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