Example: Integrating the HTTP Target with Trello

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  • Kris Kumler

    Is it possible to store any of the response from the HTTP target in Zendesk?

    Ideally, the trigger in Zendesk would notify Trello, and then retain that card id. I'd then like to use that card id to make an attachment in Trello (and possibly link to the card from Zendesk...). Attaching a URL as an attachment in Trello is what the Trello Zendesk Power-up does.

  • Max Chew

    For my case, JSON have to use following in order to work.

    "idList": "{{ticket.requester.custom_fields.trello_list_id}}",

    With this (HTTP trigger) approach, is there anyway to have this working seamlessly with the Trello APP whereby upon ticket refresh, we able to have the "linked" ticket details to ZenDesk?

  • Becca
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Max - 

    It looks like the trigger-target workflow and Trello App are two separate workflows. In other words the workflow this article goes through is separate from the app, but both offer similar functionality to connect Zendesk and Trello. The app offers a user interface experience in Support so it sounds like the app might be more optimized for the agent workflow as opposed to the trigger-target workflow described here. 

    Overall, I am not totally clear on the workflow you are looking for - but the app and the article this workflow subscribes are separate but appear to accomplish the same goal of getting creating Trello cards from Zendesk tickets. 

  • Max Chew

    Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks for responding.

    Agreed that this and the APP are two separate workflows, however such does not improve on user/agent's experience.

    Assuming you have Trello APP installed to ZenDesk, the Trello ticket created via the HTTP POST, however, upon refresh to ZenDesk how can we improve on the "presentation" e.g., like below?

    Also, when Trello card moved between list, the value would change as observing from Trello created via APP, but not the case of HTTP POST approach.

    Would it possible for some form of integrations by HTTP POST from Trello <-> ZenDesk integration point of view for user/agent? Presently upon refresh, Trello fields at Ticket does not gets reflected, e.g., the new card that created from HTTP-POST.


  • Rodney W

    When defining the HTTP Target, is is possible to use a merge field in the URL? If this were possible, we'd be able to use a significant number of the API's available with Trello.

    So close.. but not quite.

    For example: 


  • Terrence
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Rodney!


    If I understand your inquiry correctly, the field below is a custom ticket field in Zendesk?


    If so, you can use a custom field placeholder to add this data to the URL. 


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