Resetting drop-down ticket field values for follow-up tickets

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  • Jason Littrell

    I had no idea this closed ticket channel existed. Pretty cool.

    The most common request I get for follow-up tickets, though, is to assign it to the group that handled the previous ticket. Is there a simple way to do that using the closed ticket condition? I know I could probably create triggers to add tags based on the group, then create another set of triggers to read the tags on follow-up tickets and reassign the group, but that's a little too cumbersome.

  • Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Jason!

    The group and requester from the Closed ticket don't get carried over to the follow-up ticket when it's created, so I'm afraid Triggers are going to be the way to go with this.

    You can create triggers to add tags based on the group if you like. Otherwise, you might consider adding a drop-down field to the ticket form and make it required for agents to fill out in order to solve the ticket. This will force them to select their group, and then you'll just need to create the Triggers based on the selections from the custom field. This would save you some time building Triggers, but it will add a little bit of work for your agents, and of course there's always the margin for error.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Matthew Searle

    I have a version of this set up with the 'Remove tags' action with a list of the tags that can be applied for our various custom fields. I found that just resetting the fields wasn't enough to wipe the tags.

  • Jim Aycock

    This article is no longer accurate, I assume this is due to updates in the platform.  

    For example, The first "Meet All" condition you show is "Ticket is Closed".  In my interface "Closed" is not listed as an option for "Ticket is".  

    Does the article need updating, or am I missing something?   

    I am trying to solve the problem we have where customers continuously reply to a closed ticket email with a new issue.  It happens a lot.  

  • Jessie - Community Manager

    Hey Jim!

    In the screenshot the conditions are Ticket is > Created and Ticket: Channel > is > Closed ticket. I think that you might have swapped "created" with "closed" in that first condition. :) These conditions will work for you if you're trying to target new tickets that are created as follow-up tickets from a Closed ticket. Let us know if you need anything else!


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