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    Hi there - it's really a great article but unfortunately  I am struggling to adjust it to my needs. I am looking for the number of hours a ticket is assigned to an agent (that is not closed, solved or deleted). Somehow it doesn't show any results if I follow the steps like with the group example. Could you please help?


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    Eugene Orman (Edited )

    Hi Johann,  

    The metric which you need to use in this case will look like this:

    I tried this metric on my test account and can confirm that it returns expected results. Here is a report example:

    I have created the ticket #1790068 for you in case you'll need more assistance on this case. 

    However, there is a downturn when the "[Text Field] Duration in minutes" fact is used for reporting on Text fields, which are not updated so frequently throughout the ticket live.  

    For example, "Assignee" field might be updated just once on a ticket, in this case, this fact will return a null value. Since it counts the time between 2 text field changes, there should be minimum 2 field updates on the ticket in order to capture the time duration. 

    To avoid this you can use metric logic described in Duration between two or more ticket events in minutes article. 


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    Pete Holborow

    I was directed to this article by support who suggested it could solve my question on how to report on how long (on average) our tickets are spending in each status before being solved.

    I'm not great with MAQL, how would I go about starting this?


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    Matteo Larocca

    I think the recipe "How long are tickets sitting with my support groups?" is not correct.

    In fact, if I filter the report to just one ticket ID and the ticket moved from G1 to G2, the report just show me the duration on G1. No line for G2 group.


    I suppose this is due to lack of event where previous group value was G2 and so no duration is computed.

    But I think there should be a way to have this report complete and correct, but I can't figure out how.

    Any suggestion?

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    Hi Matteo...would you mind clarifying what you are expecting in this scenario? The report in question will show you the amount of time a ticket spent in a previous group, so if the ticket is still within G2 and nothing has happened since it's been there, there is no event to calculate any elapsed time.

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    Matteo Larocca

    Hi Greg,

    the recipe states "You can answer questions like: How long are agents holding on to tickets? How long do tickets take to cycle through each of your Support Levels?"

    I can't find a way to have a complete report to answer the second question. How long, on avarage, a support group holds a ticket?

    Since the duration is computed when the ticket group changes, no duration is provided for the last group on the ticket life cycle (the group that has the ticket when it is finally closed).

    Do you have a way to have this kind of report?

    Thank you


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    Hi Matteo,

    I agree that the wording leaves a bit of ambiguity in this recipe and I will pass this to our Documentation team to review this. That being said, if the ticket has not left the final group, there would be no way to report on this with the above metrics. I wish that there were a better answer for this scenario, but there is not going to be a way to handle a calculation of an event that has not yet occurred.

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    Anthony Garcia Jr.

    Hello! I was referred to here by one of your email support representatives when I tried to seek help about creating a custom macro where the amount of time tickets spend on New status is measured. 


    My idea is to deduct the amount of time spent on New status from the Requester Wait Time metric. This is so I can measure the amount of time our agents have spent on working on tickets. 


    Any advice on this matter will be greatly appreciated. 

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