Multibrand - Using multiple JWT single sign-on URLs

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  • Alex Daley

    Unfortunately, I have been waiting weeks and weeks for replies from your customer care on this (and all other requests). A great irony considering you are the support company... not to mention that we spend thousands a month on your services and have been a customer for many years. Really disappointed.

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Alex, 

    I've bumped priority on your ticket and alerted the support team to your comments here. 

  • Haseena Bibi

    How access can be restricted to particular brand for a user who is login via SSO (JWT based)? What parameter should JWT token contain to specify brands allowed for user ?

  • Bonnie Leib
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Haseena! It is not possible to restrict end-users to a specific brand via SSO. When you have multiple Help Centers to support multiple brands, all of your Help Centers are accessible to all of your end-users. If you are using SSO, each Help Center will redirect users to the same single sign-in protocol and database. This is because users belong to the account, not to a specific brand.

    To keep end-users from logging into brands that you do not wish them to have access to, you can create a script between Zendesk Support and the SSO login script on your server. This script will allow you to route your customers to specific URLs based on which brand they are trying to log into. You can follow the instructions in this Multibrand - Using multiple JWT single sign-on URLs article.

    You will also want to set things up so that the list of your brands doesn't get sent out to your customers so, theoretically, unless your customers know the domain/subdomain from the brand you do not wish them to log into, they will never know that it's there.


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