Insights recipe: Ticket creation heatmap

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  • David Ykema

    I found that the values needed to be .0# rather then 0.0#.

  • Erin Willis

    For the How attributes, I have the Day of Week (Mon-Sun) (Ticket Created) but I do not see any attribute for Created at Hour. Is that a custom attribute? 


    I think it might actually be called Hour Ticket Created instead of Created at Hour?

  • Billy Macken

    Hi Erin,

    Sorry for the delay-- you are correct that Hour Ticket Created would be the correct replacement for the Created at Hour attribute listed currently. I'll make a note about updating the article. Thanks for pointing that out!


  • Erin Willis

    All good, William! Thanks for updating  😄

  • Justin Lentz

    This is a very useful heatmap, however I have received requests to also show the number of tickets that were created for each hour as well. I can add # Tickets to the What portion of the report, however that puts the ticket numbers in a separate column, thereby making the heatmap much harder to digest. Is there a way to have the colored heatmap with the number of tickets showing up in the colors themselves? 

  • Eugene Orman

    @ Justin, 

    If you don't want to add additional metrics to the report you can make the percentage visible, now it is hidden because the font color is set to the same color as the background. You can update this in the number format editor. 


    For example,  if you want to set the font as white use this color coding: 




    The repot will look  like this:


    However, there is no way to display a number of tickets instead of the percentage via the same metric. 

  • Miriam Rothschild

    Hi, I am trying to make this report, however the color portion is not working. No matter what the number is, it is the same color. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!

  • Kayla Schmidt

    Hi Miriam! Are you using both Day of Week (Sun-Sat) (Ticket Created) and Hour Ticket Created for your attributes? If you've followed the article instructions and are still not seeing what you expect, send us a ticket directly with a link to your specific report so we can check out your account and have a look. :)

  • Riah Lao

    Hi, I added Sum and Average on the column. The color formatting is also applied to those...

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Riah!

    I'm not sure what you're asking. Is what you're seeing not what you expected?

  • Riah Lao

    Hi Jesse, I expect the color formatting to be only applied  to the main columns and not the Sum/Average columns

  • Jessie Schutz

    Thanks for clarifying, Riah!

    I believe what's happening here is that the heat map report format isn't built to to automatically exclude any additional columns from being colored. The assumption is that if you're adding a column to the heat map you want to see how those values compare to the other values in the report.

    Can you tell me more about why you want those values included but not colored in? There might be another solution.

  • Riah Lao

    Hi Jessie, because if I put in values for the range, the Sum will always be meeting the max value and it just looks off.


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