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  • Daniel Petersson

    Alright, then something like this could work perhaps?
    (First reply time)

    First Reply Time (hrs) [Avg]

    Ticket Id

    Top 25 Ticket Id by First Reply Time (hrs) [Avg]
    Date (Event) is the last 7 days

    The top 25 filter is created by choosing "Ranking Filter", Top -> Custom, 25, What-> Ticket ID, Ranking Criteria-> First Reply Time (hrs) [Avg]

  • Kent Carlo Jimunzala

    Hi All,

    What are the precise details of:

    SLA Policy: First Reply Time & Next Reply Time.

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    • First reply time is the time between ticket creation and the first public comment from an agent
    • Next reply time is the time between the oldest unanswered customer comment and the next public comment from an agent

    You can find full details of SLA metrics here.


  • Kent Carlo Jimunzala

    Hi Graeme, 


    Cool! Thanks for this information. 

  • Kent Carlo Jimunzala

    I have a question in regards to "First Reply Time", Will the metric count if the entry level of customer support is transferred? 

    Example: Customer contacts support -> Email Support receives the email (so First Reply should Count based on the description) However, Email support transfers it to another support group. 
    (Note: No public reply. Email support did not inform the customer that he/she will be transferred). 

    My question is:
    Will the following support group will be accounted for the First Reply Time?


  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    The first reply time belongs to the ticket not any support group. So transferring a ticket between support groups has no effect on the first reply time metric.

    Even if the final support group replies instantly on being assigned the ticket, the first reply time will reflect all the time through all the groups that the customer has waited for a response.

  • Kent Carlo Jimunzala

    Hi Graeme,


    So I want to confirm if the first reply time is already a failure to the first group. Will it reflect towards the final group?

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    Yes, that is correct. Think of it as the ticket failing, rather than the last group.

  • Jamie Davies


    I am having trouble creating averaged measures, do you have any advice?




  • Jason Katz

    I wish the new concurrency feature would allow us to create a report on concurrency by agent. The new concurrency report is otherwise not helpful. We need the functionality to drill down and view concurrent chats by agent which we can leverage for performance management and productivity reporting.

  • Jean Camalionti

    Hello guys!


    With the new chat metrics in GoodData many new possibilities have appeared and I have felt great difficulty in just one of them ... we have the "Agent activity metrics" in specific "Online Duration" and "Online Chatting Duration", is valuable information but I was not able to separate per agent from the chat, only the sum of all, which makes the metric a little pointless for me ... has anyone been able to separate these specific metrics by chat agent?


    Many Thanks,


  • Julia Kornilenko

    Hi there!


    I'm wondering if anyone can help on the case:

    I need to create report with users who created at least one ticket (monthly):

    1) during the selected month

    2) cumulatively from the very beginning till the end of the selected month

    I can easily calculate the first one ( select count(User, Ticket Id) where User Active = true and Ticket Status <> Deleted)


    But the second one would not work (select count(User, Ticket Id) where User Active = true and Ticket Status <> Deleted and Date (Ticket Created) < (select min(Date (Timeline)) by all other))



    P.S The reason I need cumulative data is to have number of unique users from the very beginning till the end of the month.


    Any advice would be appreciated.

  • Alex Rust


    Can anyone help me figure out the best way to report on tickets coming in from incorrect channels?  I want to distinguish the amount of time tickets spend in new status when coming in from 2 different email addresses.  I don't think you can report on specific email addresses in ZD, can you?

    When our tickets come in incorrectly, they sit in a "Triage" like view for our admins to route to the correct group, but we don't want to hold that group responsible for the time the ticket sat in the view only available to the admins and would rather deduct that time from the full resolution time to show an accurate breakdown of how much longer tickets take when submitted incorrectly.

    Agent Wait Time and On Hold Time metrics are status specific for reporting on Pending and On Hold statuses, but is there a way to report on New status in general?

  • Victoria Moree


    in chat metrics summary we have conversion metric. how this conversion is calculated? 

    thank you for the information, 

    Best regards, 


  • Stephen Fusco

    Hello Victoria, 

    Thanks for your question. Conversion tracking is not in Insights currently but refers to conversion goals you can set up as described in more detail here: Measuring Business Goals with Conversion Tracking

    That article also explains the conversion reports. 

  • Daniela López Aguilar

    Hello! Can anyone help me? I'm trying to build an agent occupancy report for email and chat using zendesk explore, does anyone know which metrics I would need to use and how to go about that? Thank you!

  • Brett - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Daniela,

    Have you had a chance to look at our Explore Recipes Reference to see if there's any already created reports that would get you what you're looking for?

    It may also be worth posting your question in our Explore topic to help provide visibility to some of our Explore experts.

    Hope this helps!


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