Insights recipe: Due date performance report

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  • JohnCase
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    This article does not appear to be accurate. I am unable to create the custom metric because the items Solved at (Date) and Due date (Date) are NOT found in the pick-list Facts folder. In fact, they are in the Attributes folder which causes the recipe to not work.

  • Cam
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    I'm hitting the same problem as John. I'm only seeing Date (Ticket Solved) and Date (Ticket Due) under the pick-list Attributes folder. With these variables the function does not work however. This report looks very useful, please advise!

  • Jessie Schutz
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    Hi Cam!

    John actually submitted a ticket about this, and it looks like the article might need to be updated. I'm following up with the proper folks to make sure this gets done!

  • Beno Siebenmann
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    I had a go at this metric seems to be off still, can you confirm if this has been updated?




  • Benjamin Koehler
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    Hi Beno, 

    I was able to reproduce the metric, as outlined in the article and reach the expected results.

    A few common issues that pop up are pasting the metric without selecting each highlighted item from the object menus, and trouble selecting the attribute values (as highlighted in the last two bullet points of #9.) 

    I'm starting a support ticket with you to investigate this further!




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