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    Russ Hatfield

    Hi there,

    I'm looking for a time-over-time report similar to the month-over-month one here, and similar to the one in this article, both of which I was able to get working.

    However, I need it to be a different time period: Date (Ticket Created) = Last 30 days compared to the 30 days period before that. So, NOT a built-in period like Month, Quarter, Year but a "rolling" one.

    Example, if I run report on 4/15/2017 it would compare period 3/15/2017 - 4/15/2017(ie last 30 days) to 2/14/2017 - 3/14/2017(ie the 30 days period before the most recent 30-day period). I'm using approx dates in example above -- whatever the exact 30-day periods would be above ; )

    Presumably, I could do similar for other "rolling" periods, such as "Last 2 weeks" compared to the 2 week period before that.

    The month-over-month is helpful but if I run report earlier in a given month the my Current Month versus Previous Month metrics are not comparable directly(unless I do manual estimation) since I might be comparing only, for example, 5 days of current month data to an entire month's data.


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    Robbert Hink

    Hey Russ,

    You could create metrics to look at tickets created within the last 30 days and you could do the same for tickets created 30 days before that.

    Using the example of this article the metric for tickets created the last 30 days the metric could look like this:

    SELECT # Tickets WHERE Date (Ticket Created) BETWEEN THIS - 30 AND THIS
    And the metric for the 30 days before that could look like this:
    SELECT # Tickets WHERE Date (Ticket Created) BETWEEN THIS - 60 AND THIS - 30


    You can then use these two metrics instead of "This Month" and "Previous Month".


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    Gabriel Scott

    Have you tried creating a headline report like this which would show the change in an average? As in, I can create two separate headline reports which shows the average daily tickets in the current month, and in the previous month, but I don't know how to show only one headline report (rather than the two) with the variance in the two averages.



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