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  • Jennifer Rowe
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    New EAP for Help Center articles!

    Guide scheduled unpublishing for articles

    With Scheduled Unpublishing you will be able to schedule when articles are being unpublished, or schedule both publishing and unpublishing in one workflow.

    Learn more about the scheduled unpublishing EAP


  • Sophie McMonagle

    Check out our new Sell EAPs!

    Sell roles and actions permissions

    Permission enhancements for roles and actions in Zendesk Sell help you to manage your users:

    1. Actions permissions provide a broader range of settings to allow you more control and security around who can do what with your data. Admins can restrict a user from modifying, creating, deleting, or changing the owner of leads, contacts, and deals.
    2. A role determines what users can do with lead, contact, or deal in Sell. You can create custom roles, where you specify how users assigned this role can view, create, and manage their own, and other users' records in Sell. 

    Learn more about the Sell roles and actions permissions EAP

    Sell object distribution

    Object distribution in Zendesk Sell provides a "round robin" capability for allocating leads, contacts, and deals. This feature allows you to create and use multiple distribution pools for assigning leads, contacts, and deals to people within your organization.

    Learn more about the Sell object distribution EAP

  • Sophie McMonagle

    A new beta for you!

    Note starring and tagging in Zendesk Sell helps you to manage notes by enabling:

    1. Note starring: star new and existing notes and filter your activity feeds by starred notes
    2. Note tagging: tag new and existing notes and filter your activity feeds by tagged notes
    3. Note tags definition: the ability for admins to define note tags in Settings

    Learn more about the Sell note starring and tagging EAP

  • Charles Nadeau
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    New Sunshine EAP to work with your data:

    Sunshine Data Manager

    The Sunshine Data Manager gives you full control over your Sunshine custom objects and relationships in Admin Center. Previously you could only use Admin Center to define the schema of object and relationship types. Now you can also create, read, update, and delete object records and relationship records based on your schemas. No coding required!

    Learn more about the Sunshine Data Manager EAP.


  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    A new early access opportunity!

    Explore tag reporting enhancements

    This EAP adds a new Explore function, "INCLUDES" that provides much requested new capabilities for tag reporting in Explore including:

    • Finding tickets containing a tag
    • Finding tickets with multiple tags
    • Finding tickets that don't have a tag
    • Finding tickets that contain a specified string in one of their tags

    Learn more about the Explore tag reporting enhancements EAP.

  • Sophie McMonagle

    Just added: individual users in Guide User Segments!

    Grant individual users access to an article, topic, or moderator group in Zendesk Guide and Zendesk Gather.

    Be the first in line to try it out, by signing up now using this form. We expect to start turning on the feature for EAP customers by March 2020.

  • Jennifer Rowe
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Two new EAPs:

    PII data deletion for Support Enterprise

    This early access progress (EAP) adds a PII data deletion option to your Zendesk Support admin settings. This option automatically scrubs personally identifiable information (PII) from tickets after the ticket is closed. 

    You must have an Enterprise plan to use this option. When the EAP ends, it may become part of a paid add-on.

    Learn more about the PII data deletion EAP

    Advanced workflow for Support

    We are launching a new workflow orchestration engine designed to apply business logic to any object within the Zendesk eco-system. This is additional to our current business rules which only execute on ticket save. 

    Our solution is API-first and this EAP is for the phase-1 roll-out of API. We will be adding UI for this functionality later. 

    Learn more about the Advanced workflow EAP

  • Sophie McMonagle

    A new beta!

    Sell conference calling

    Conference calling in Zendesk Sell includes new features that help you to:

    • Include an extra person on the Sell Voice call, from either inside or outside your organisation
    • Handle a warm transfer situation by putting your customer on hold, including another caller, and leaving the call early without ending it
    • See the logs and recordings of such calls differentiated on the activity log

    Learn more about the Sell conference calling EAP

  • Sophie McMonagle

    A new beta for you to try out!

    Sell voicemail

    Voicemail in Zendesk Sell allows your customers to leave a message for you while you are not available to pick up your phone. This EAP is available on all Sell plans.

    Learn more about the Sell voicemail EAP

  • Jennifer Rowe
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    We have some EAPs starting for Side Conversations (which is part of the Collaboration add-on).


    Child ticket side conversations

    This EAP introduces the ability to start side conversations with groups or agents within your Support instance by creating a child ticket assigned to them. This EAP is available to customers with the Collaboration add-on.

    Learn more about the Child Ticket Side Conversations EAP

    Side conversations search

    This EAP introduces a Side Conversations tab to the search results page so agents can retrieve side conversations based on content. This EAP is available to customers with the Collaboration add-on.

    Learn more about the Side Conversations Search EAP

    Side conversations role permissions

    Not every agent should be able to create or reply to side conversations. This EAP introduces the ability to disable side conversation creation and replies for custom roles. This EAP is available to customers with the Collaboration add-on.

    Learn more about the Side Conversations Role Permissions EAP

    Side conversations follow-up tickets

    This EAP introduces the automatic creation of a follow-up ticket when a side conversation that belongs to a closed or archived ticket receives a reply. This EAP is available to customers with the Collaboration add-on.

    Learn more about the Side Conversations Follow-up Tickets EAP

  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi everyone, we've just added a new EAP for Explore.

    Improved large query performance

    This EAP increases the amount of rows you can export from a query to 500,000 rows. Additionally, when you reach the limits of a visualization (like a bar chart), Explore automatically displays it as a table instead to make sure you can view up to 50,000 rows in Query builder.

    Learn more about the improved large query performance EAP

  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    We have a new early access opportunity for Explore!

    Aggregation level functions

    This update gives you more control over the level of aggregation for your Explore metrics. Currently, when you add a metric and multiple attributes to a query, the metric is sliced by all of the attributes. With these new functions, you’ll be able to specify exactly which attributes will slice your metrics. If you used Insights, you’ll recognize this as similar functionality to the BY keyword. 

    Learn more about the aggregation level functions EAP

  • Jennifer Rowe
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    A new EAP for developers:

    Zendesk SDK for Unity

    The Zendesk SDK for Unity allows your game development teams to integrate the complete Zendesk support capabilities natively into your Unity 3D game. It makes it as simple as dragging and dropping.  We’re offering this Early Access Program to give some of our customers early access to the new SDK. The objective is to work closely with you to make improvements to the integration experience and get your feedback as we continue to build the core functionality.

     Learn more about the Zendesk SDK for Unity

  • Jennifer Rowe
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    A much requested community feature is going into EAP for Zendesk Gather.


    We are working on adding user badges to Zendesk Gather. Badges offer a great way to reward and recognize users for their great behavior in your community. With the research leading up to this EAP we've uncovered a lot of different use-cases and styles of for badging, including gaming trophies, community titles and roles, achievements of good behavior, and more. With this EAP you will be able to define badges within many such categories, and there's a lot of freedom to customize your badges to suit your community.

    Learn more about the Gather badges EAP

  • Jennifer Rowe
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    New EAP for Guide:

    Federated Help Center search

    Until now, when you searched a Guide Help Center, the content that you could find to help you resolve your issue was limited to Guide Articles and Gather community posts. However many Zendesk customers have great self service content on websites, blogs, other Knowledge bases, learning management systems, and on other community platforms. 

    The Guide Federated Help Center search EAP enables you to surface all that great content hosted outside Guide and Gather in your Help Center search results.

    Learn more about the Federated Help Center Search EAP

  • Jennifer Rowe
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Another EAP for Guide. This one is a for a feature that has been much-requested by customers!

    Content blocks

    We know that our customers want a better way to create, manage, and update content that lives across multiple articles or help centers. We are addressing this need by introducing content blocks, a Guide Enterprise feature that allows you to do just that.

    With this functionality, you’ll be able to capture things like common troubleshooting steps, rules and regulations, disclaimers, etc. as a content block, and then insert into multiple articles and across multiple help centers. 

    Learn more about the Content Blocks EAP

  • Darren Chan
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    The Shopify integration EAP includes some new features: 

    • Refunds and cancellations: Agents can now action a Shopify order refund or cancellation through the Support sidebar app without leaving the context of their ticket. This new feature includes both full and partial refunds for orders that have been fulfilled, and full cancellations for orders that haven't been dispatched.
    • Shopify events and profiles for Sunshine: Shopify events and profiles can be imported into Sunshine and then displayed in customer context when viewing a Zendesk Support ticket. This provides a single view of information between Zendesk and Shopify. Customer context can be used, for example, to help you understand customer behavior, look at sales trends, and identify improvements to your business.

    Learn more about the new Shopify integration early access program


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