Notice for end-users who accidentally reach Zendesk for support Follow

Sometimes people inadvertently contact Zendesk for support, when they are actually trying to contact a company that uses Zendesk to provide support. This happens a lot in social media, especially, and we refer to this as a misfire. Unfortunately, we are unable to forward your complaint on, so please try reaching the company directly from their website.

We realize this can be confusing, so we want to take a moment to explain Zendesk's role. We make the software that companies use to give their customers a way to contact them for support. We don't provide support for their product, just the channel for communication.

Most of our customers' support pages have a "Submit a request”, Help Center, or chat area of their site that enables you to open a support ticket with them. Others might show an email address you can send requests to, or have a tab you can click on the side of the page that says "Support" or "Help".

It’s possible that you contacted Zendesk by mistake after seeing our name in the URL of a company’s Help Center or that you clicked a "Support Ticket System by Zendesk" link at the bottom of a company’s web page.

We're sorry we are unable to provide more guidance, other than to recommend that you contact the company directly. Our sincere apologies, and please let us know if you have any questions about our software.

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