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The Zendesk Benchmark is one of the easiest ways to measure customer satisfaction. You can compare your key metrics to key metrics from thousands of other organizations. This article provides an overview of the Zendesk Benchmark with the following sections:

About the Zendesk Benchmark and how it works

The Zendesk Benchmark displays three key metrics, customer satisfaction, first reply time, and new ticket volume You can use these metrics to see if you need to adjust policies, change team workflows, and evaluate whether you are above or below peer and industry standards.

You can view your benchmarks against your peers' benchmarks (viewing your Zendesk benchmark). You can also see benchmarks similar to yours against the global Zendesk Benchmark (viewing the global Zendesk Benchmark). You can also complete the Benchmark survey to view more relevant statistics and help enhance the Zendesk Benchmark calculation.

The Zendesk Benchmark combines support data from over 25,000 participating customers across 140 countries. We use this data to calculate the Zendesk Benchmark in two steps. First, we find the mean(or average) for each individual Zendesk account, and then take the median(or middle) over all accounts as the benchmark. This calculation ensures that all accounts have an equal effect on the final benchmark and creates an average standard.

To eliminate any disproportionate effects on current benchmarks, we calculate the Zendesk Benchmark over a 28-day rolling window. Re-calculating every month means that months with dramatic performance differences won't affect your current benchmark.

Completing the Benchmark survey

By completing Zendesk's Benchmark survey you can view benchmarks of companies similar to yours against global benchmarks and enhance Zendesk's Benchmark calculation

How to opt-in

To opt-in to the Benchmark survey:
  1. Click the Admin icon (), then select Settings > Benchmark survey.
  2. Answer the five Benchmark survey questions.

    You can change answers later, if needed. The questions are:

    • Industry
    • Number of employees
    • Support desk audience
    • Customer type
    • Level of support
  3. Click Submit Survey.
Note: The Benchmark survey is privacy protected. Participation in the Benchmark survey is voluntary.

Viewing your benchmark results

You can view your individual benchmark based on your satisfaction ratings, average first reply times, and new ticket volumes against your peers' benchmarks in the same industry, target audience, and company size. These benchmark results are available close at hand in the Benchmark widget in your agent interface

The Benchmark widget is located in the Reporting section of your dashboard () on the Overview tab. The Benchmark widget displays benchmarks for all three key metrics, but only shows one type of peer at a time.

You can view more relevant statistics by completing the Benchmark survey above.

Viewing the global Zendesk Benchmark

Every quarter, Zendesk publishes a report on customer satisfaction trends based on global benchmark results. The reports track overall customer satisfaction, based on responses from real customers to the question of whether or not they were satisfied with a support interaction. These reports help identify top countries and industries, give information on customer responses, and provide tips on what to consider when operating your instance of Zendesk Support. You can view the most recent quarter report on the Benchmark your support web page. You can also view reports from different quarters on the Customer service benchmark website.

You can view more benchmarks on Zendesk’s Benchmark your support web page. Unlike the benchmarks tools in your interface, which show only the benchmarks or organizations similar to you, on the Benchmark your support web page you can view metrics of individual industries, target audiences, and company sizes compared to global metrics. These three metrics are the same as in your interface, but categorized as satisfaction, efficiency, and scale. Along with comparing metrics, Benchmark your support shows you if the benchmark is in good or poor standing with the global benchmark.

You can access the Benchmark your support web page by clicking the drill-in icon () on the Benchmark widget.


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