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    Andrew Mills

    Hello team, is there any option to create a list of tickets in insights?

    We are looking for a report of all tickets that havent been updated for 48 hours.

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    Dan Ross

    Is it possible to report which user added tags to a ticket? We want to identify which agents are spotting a certain issue and adding a specific tag to tickets.

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    Nicole - Community Manager (Edited )

    Hey Dan - 

    Unfortunately it is not possible to report on which user added tags to a ticket. 

    Tags aren’t connected to event data, so there’s no way to report on when or how they were added or removed.

    However, if the update is important, we'd recommend associating the tag with a dropdown or checkbox field. Then you can report on the field changes.

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    Jonathan March

    Dan, maybe off-topic, since this is an Insights article, but this *can* be done with the API (read the events for the ticket, and find the event where the value of field_name "tags" (which is a list of tags) changed to include the tag of interest.

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