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On November 11, 2015, we announced new plans . This article addresses some Frequently Asked Questions about our plan changes. For an overview of our legacy and new plan names, see our About plan types article.

I’m an existing customer. How do the plan changes affect me?

If you are a current customer and happy with your current plan, nothing changes. Your existing package and price will remain the same. Period.

Can I upgrade/downgrade to legacy plans rather than switching to the new plans?

While all customers can keep their current plan, you will need to shift to our new plan structure if you choose to upgrade or downgrade plans.

Are you planning to remove the legacy plans?

We are not planning to remove any of our legacy plans from existing customers.

When I come up for renewal, will I be able to stay on my existing plan?


Is there a benefit to changing plans?

If you’d like to upgrade to more features and functionality or if you’re not using all the features and functionality of your existing Zendesk plan, then you may want to consider switching to one of our new plans.

If new features come out, will they be added to my legacy plan?

New features that are added to the corresponding current plan of your legacy plan will be added to your plan. The plan parallels are as follows:

  • Starter → Essential
  • Regular → Team
  • Plus → Professional
  • Enterprise (legacy) → Enterprise (new)

Did the price of the Enterprise plan go down?

We’ve relaunched our plans and pricing to better align customer features with customer needs. With that in mind, we have launched a new Enterprise plan with a slightly lower price that doesn’t include all the features that our legacy Enterprise plan has. All customers on our legacy Enterprise plan maintain their existing pricing and packaging.

What are Add-ons?

Add-ons are features and products that are available to be added-on to your Zendesk. For more information click here .

Can Add-ons be purchased for legacy plans?

Yes, although minimum purchases apply.

Add-ons available for customers on legacy Enterprise plans include:

  • Priority support (99.9% uptime SLA, 1 hour SLO)
  • Advanced Security (Encryption-at-Rest, Enhanced Disaster Recovery, HIPAA)

Add-ons available for customers on Plus plans include:

  • Light Agents
  • Productivity Pack
  • High Volume API
  • Multibrand (up to 5 brands)

Can customers on legacy plans trial add-ons?

Yes. Customers on Plus or legacy Enterprise plans can trial add-ons. In order to trial an add-on, contact us .

Why did Zendesk change plans?

To learn more about why we changed our plans, check out our blog post .

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