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    Satia Stevens

    Whew, thank you for this article!

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    Mike Althoff

    This solution is working for zeros inside the x-axis range, but I'm still getting blanks if the ends have zeros.  i.e. in your example if 12AM or 11PM were 0, they aren't showing up on the graph.

    Is there anyway to force display those 0s?

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    Oliver Knigge (Edited )

    Thanks for the hint!

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    John Tolle

    Thank you for the tip!  Totally works for me, although I admit that I was confused because I thought the number format of X0 would ensure that zeros always showed up.  I suppose because it's actually null, it's not formatted at all, hence nothing shows up.

    Which confuses me since @Jennifer Holmes is having the exact issue I expected to have.  My only thought is that she is actually getting zeros rather than nulls.

    Jennifer, I haven't tested this yet, but would something like this work?


    Granted, that's not terribly efficient, so there's probably a better way it can be written to remove the redundancy, but I'm not experienced enough to know how to do that.


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    Sarah Hale

    @Mike  I'm going to open a ticket for you so we can look at your specific report.

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    Jennifer Holmes

    Hi We have the opposite situation; is there a way on a table style report to exclude 0 values from displaying and just show a blank space. We have a table with 8 custom ticket metrics across the top and it is proving difficult to read because so many have 0 values. Would be great to exclude from displaying as you can in excel



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    Jessie - Community Manager

    We're glad it helped, Satia! :)

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    Matt Savage

    This is very handy!  Is there any similar workaround for a report with multiple attributes?

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    Mandeep Singh

    Awesome! This is really helpful :) Thank you Sarah!

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    Matt Hoffman

    @Matt - The short answer: maybe. The long answer - probably not, because of the way that GoodData handles null values on metrics and attributes. However, even if this exact solution can't be applied to your problem, there could be another trick that could be applied. Since it's totally dependent on your individual use case, I'm going to reach out in a ticket so we can take a look at the specifics.

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