Insights recipe: Top problem tickets by unsolved incidents Follow

This report will create a list of the top problem tickets by the number of unsolved incidents. This can help you identify which issues are having the greatest impact on your customers.

Skill level: Intermediate
Time Required: 15 minutes

Ingredient List

  • 1 custom metric
  • 3 filters
  • Problem tickets with linked incidents


Step 1: Make sure you have at least one problem ticket with at least one linked incident in your Zendesk.

To learn more about this workflow in Zendesk, see this article on working with problem and incident tickets .

Step 2: Create a new Insights report.

  1. Click the Reporting icon ( ) in the sidebar, then click the Insights tab.
  2. Click the GoodData link in the top right corner of the panel.
  3. In Insights, in the top menu, click Reports, then click Create Report.

Step 3: Create a custom metric for the percentage of unsolved tickets.

Note: The metric must be created in the Advanced Metric Editor. For more information on custom metrics see the How to create custom metrics video on GoodData's support site.
  1. Click What , then click advanced in the middle column and choose “Custom metric.”
  2. Give the metric a descriptive name, such as "% Unsolved tickets," then enter the metric as it appears in this screenshot:

    The green items need to be selected from the “Elements” picklist on the right. # Unsolved Tickets and # Tickets are both listed under Metrics.

  3. Add a percent sign to the end of the metric formatting.
    You can do this from the report interface, in the Detail column:

Step 4: Add metrics and attributes to your report.

  1. Under What , choose # Tickets and your custom % Unsolved tickets metric.
  2. Under How , choose Ticket Problem .
  3. Click Done.

Step 5: Add filters to your report.

  1. Add a List of Values Filter .
    Choose the attribute Ticket Problem , set the dropdown to “Isn’t,” and check the box for (empty value) .
  2. Add a Numeric Range Filter .
    Choose the attribute Ticket Problem , choose the metric % Unsolved tickets , set the dropdown to Greater than or equal to, and enter 0.5 in the field.
  3. Add a Ranking Filter .
    Select the number of results you want, choose the attribute Ticket Problem , and choose the metric # Tickets .

To make the report easier to read, you can double-click the headers and change the labels:


The result will be a chart showing the top problem tickets by the number of linked incidents, where at least half of those incidents are still unsolved:

Please note - This report is based on groups of incident tickets, not the problem tickets themselves. You can change or remove the filters to get different results.

For example, if you remove the "% Unsolved tickets" metric and filter, you will see the top problem tickets for your entire account, regardless of whether they have been solved. However, you cannot add problem ticket attributes (like the status or subject) to this report.

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