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Zendesk Mobile Agent app support for iOS6 is being removed. We will be discontinuing support and bug fixing as of October 31, 2015. 

Announced onDevelopment ends Access blocked
October, 6 2015 October 31, 2015   December 1, 2015

Why is Zendesk removing this?

Maintaining support for older OS versions limits our ability to ensure a valuable mobile experience and takes time away from adding new functionality. In addition, the newest OS versions are substantially more reliable providing a more stable platform for using the Zendesk app.

Am I affected?

If you or your agents are currently using the Zendesk iOS Agent app and your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is on iOS 6, this announcement applies to you.

Check your iOS operating system version by going into your Settings > General > About > Version.

What can I do?

Upgrade your iOS version to at least 7.0 to continue accessing the Zendesk Agent apps. We recommend iOS 8 or above.

What happens when development ends?

When development ends on October 31, 2015 we will no longer address issues specific to iOS versions less than 7.0.

What happens when access is blocked?

Users accessing the Appstore or iTunes from a mobile device running an iOS version less than iOS7 will no longer be able to download the Zendesk Agent app and users accessing the iOS apps from iOS6 will not be able to sign-on.

I still have questions

What if my device cannot support Android 4.0 or higher?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to utilize the Zopim or Zendesk Agent apps once they are no longer supported.

Will you be deprecating support for other iOS versions too?

Yes, eventually. Our goal is to provide valuable mobile experiences for our customers. Unfortunately, supporting older versions of Mobile operating systems limits us from doing so. For iOS, we will support the 3 most recent major iOS versions. Currently iOS7 & iOS8 and iOS9.

Are you changing support for Android versions of the Zendesk Mobile SDK or Zopim Mobile Chat SDK?

Not at this time. We currently support Android 2.3 and above and iOS 6.0

Please contact support@zendesk.com with any additional questions. 



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