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Announced on Development ends Removal  
November 30, 2015 August 1, 2016 November 1, 2016  
Zendesk Classic Chat reached its End of Life date on November 1, 2016. You will no longer be able to access this deprecated feature.

Zendesk Classic Chat is being removed from Zendesk. We will discontinue development on August 1, 2016, and you will no longer be able to access Zendesk Classic Chat beginning November 1, 2016.

If you are currently using Zendesk Classic Chat, you need to migrate to Zopim Chat or another chat tool.

What does this mean?

Between the announcement and end of development, Zendesk will not make any feature enhancements to Zendesk Chat, but will continue to make minor bug and security fixes at our discretion.

When development ends on August 1, 2016, Zendesk will no longer address bugs and minor issues specific to Zendesk Chat. We will continue to resolve any major breakage in functionality until the end of life date.

On August 1, 2016, Zendesk will no longer provide support for Zendesk Chat. We will continue to support efforts to migrate from Zendesk Chat to Zopim Chat. 

After removal on November 1, 2016, you and your end-users will no longer be able to access Zendesk Chat. You should migrate to Zopim Chat before this date.

Why is Zendesk removing this?

Zendesk acquired Zopim Chat in April 2014. Zopim Chat is replacing Zendesk Chat. Zopim Chat enables you to:

  • Add Chat to any website or Help Center and easily customize and brand the widget
  • Monitor website visitors and offer proactive chat
  • Provide collaborative support with tools like agent-to-agent chat, shortcuts, and chat transfer

Maintaining an older version of a feature or product when a new version is available limits our ability to ensure a valuable experience with the new functionality and takes time away from supporting the new functionality.

For more details, see the Zendesk End of Life policy, How much notice will Zendesk give for feature deprecations.

Am I affected?

If you are currently using Zendesk Chat, you are affected.

What do I need to do?

You need to migrate to Zopim Chat before November 1st, 2016. For more information, see Migrating from Zendesk Chat to Zopim Chat.

Frequently asked questions

What is the replacement for Zendesk Chat?

Zopim Chat is the replacement for Zendesk Chat. When you first sign up for Zopim Chat, you can try it for free using all of the Advanced plan features. After the trial period ends, you can continue to use the Lite version for free with one agent or you can upgrade to the Basic or Advanced plan.

Can I use another chat tool?

Absolutely. We have many partners that provide great chat solutions to Zendesk customers. You can find our chat integrations in our marketplace.

To browse the Apps Marketplace:

  • In your Zendesk, click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Apps > Marketplace.
  • In your browser, visit Zendesk Apps Marketplace.

How do I migrate to Zopim Chat?

To migrate to Zopim Chat, follow the steps in Migrating from Zendesk Chat to Zopim Chat.

What are Zopim Chat’s unique features? 

Zopim Chat offers a powerful set of features, including:

  • Triggers that automatically send out a chat to targeted visitors
  • Agent-to-agent chat for team collaboration
  • Automatic translations of your chat conversations
  • Shortcuts that speed up chat conversations
  • A chat widget that’s easy to brand and customize
  • The ability to route chats to specialists

Do I have to pay extra for Zopim Chat?

Zopim Chat offers a tremendous upgrade from Zendesk Chat in terms of functionality. Therefore, we're offering it as an add-on that's just a few dollars more a month.  

When you first sign up for Zopim Chat, you can try it for free using all of the Advanced plan features. After the trial period ends, you can continue to use the Lite version for free with one agent, or you can upgrade to the Basic or Advanced plan.

We have some cost effective arrangements for customers who would like to migrate to the Zopim chat Basic or Advanced plan. For details, email us at

Is there a bundled price for Zendesk and Zopim?

Not today. Every Zendesk account comes with one Zopim Lite license. To upgrade to Zopim’s Basic or Advanced plan, you can purchase directly within the Zopim dashboard. You can purchase Zopim licenses for all or just some of your Zendesk agents. You only need licenses for the agents you plan on having use Zopim Chat. If you’re currently an invoice customer, you’ll need to reach out to your account manager for guidance.

Can I try out Zopim Chat?

It’s free to try out Zopim Chat. To create an account, click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Channels > Chat.

You don't need to disable Zendesk Chat to try Zopim Chat. You can set up and test Zopim Chat on an internal webpage before you add it to your external-facing website or Help Center. To avoid confusion, we recommend making only one of the two chat channels publicly available to end-users at a time. 

The Zopim Chat trial is 14 days on the Advanced plan. When the trial period is over, the account is moved to the free Lite plan, if you choose not to purchase the Basic or Advanced plan.

If you decide to trial Zopim Chat, be sure that you make the switch to Zopim or another chat tool before November 1, 2016.

Can all of my Zendesk agents use Zopim Chat?

Zendesk agents aren't carried over into Zopim Chat. You'll need to manually add and pay for any agents who will be using Zopim Chat.

Which Zopim Chat plan is most similar to Zendesk Chat?

Zopim has three plans: Lite, Basic and Advanced.

Zendesk Chat is not a perfect comparison to any of the plans. But the functionality is similar to Zopim Lite, except that the Lite plan is limited to 1 agent and 1 concurrent chat. Zopim Lite also include the ability to see all the people waiting on your site to start a chat with you.

With the Basic and Advanced plans, you can proactively engage visitors with a message that is automatically triggered. This is a powerful difference between Zopim Chat and Zendesk Chat.

Who should I contact if I need help or have questions? 

Please contact with any additional questions. 


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