Insights recipe: Work time between first reopen and final solve using Time Tracking

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  • Abbey Neumann

    I cannot find the "Time Spent Last update (sec)" anywhere for the "Agent Work After Reopen" metric. We have had the Time Tracking app installed for some time now... can you help?

  • Abbey Neumann

    I have since located the above.. but now that I have built all 3 metrics, my report is showing blank.

  • Madison Davis
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Abbey! I see you submitted a ticket about this request - I'll follow up with you there!

  • Natalie Miles

    I'm also seeing "No data match the filtering criteria".  I noticed that my MAQL queries are slightly different for "First Reopen" and "Final Resolve".  When selecting attribute values for ticket status it writes the query as "open" and not "[Status] open"

    Here is my query for First Reopen as an example:

    SELECT MIN (SELECT (SELECT (SELECT Ticket updated (minutes) BY Ticket Updates) BY Ticket Text Field Change WHERE [Text Field] New Value = Open AND [Text Field] Previous Value = Solved) BY Ticket Id)


    I also noticed in the recipe that Time Spent Last update (sec) is listed as a metric, however I noticed that Time Spent Last update (sec) is listed as a Fact under my current configuration--would this also impact reporting?

  • Billy Macken

    Hi Natalie,

    The reason you're seeing no data is that the attribute values need to be selected from within the [Text Field] Previous/New Value attribute in the Attribute Values folder (ex. Attribute Values > [Text Field] New Value > [Status] solved). It sounds like you've found these values under the Ticket Status attribute.

    Regarding the Time Spent Last Update (sec) element listed in the screenshot-- this is also an attribute value, but for the Numeric Field attribute. You'll find this element in a similar way-- Attribute Values > Numeric Field > Time Spent Last Update (sec).

    I hope this helps! Happy reporting!


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