Routing calls based on business hours (Talk Team, Professional, and Enterprise)

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  • Matt Flowitt

    You may want to proofread this as you've stated the same thing twice....


    With Advanced Talk and Zendesk Support's Enterprise plan, you can configure each number to use individual schedules. This might be helpful if you have multiple numbers used in multiple offices with different time zones or working hours.

    However, you can also configure each number to use individual schedules. This might be helpful if you have multiple numbers used in multiple offices with different time zones or working hours.


    What I'd like to know is if you can configure the same number to use different schedules? 

  • Nora Mullen

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for letting me know! All fixed. :)

    You can assign one schedule to each number. Can you elaborate more on your use case/what you're trying to achieve?

  • Matt Flowitt

    Hi Nora, 

    I've sent in a request directly for support as I've hit a dead end and in this case, don't have the enterprise solution. Not sure if this is the right place for this but I'll throw it out there anyway. 

    What I'd like to do is 1 of 2 things. 

    Utilize voice (now "Talk") with business hours in order to: 

    1. Disable voice mail after hours with a different message than business hours indicating to callers that we are closed and that they should write directly to us at our support email address. 

    2. If #1 is not possible then simply allow me to set up a different IVR tree, portion of a tree or just a different message after hours doing the same. E.g. stating that we are closed and that they should write to us directly. 

    Elsewhere in your forums someone suggested simply leaving a long pause after the greeting's end to discourage callers from leaving a voice mail.

    I'd be more than happy to do this as long as the "greeting" changed automatically outside of business hours. Changing the "greeting" manually makes little to no sense to me even though that has been suggested elsewhere.

    So in case #2, voice mail would stay active but I'd sort of "hack" it to discourage callers from leaving a message and simply the greeting would change after hours. 

    Hope that makes sense. 

  • Nora Mullen

    Thanks for elaborating, Matt! One of our advocates will follow up with you in your ticket. I'd also recommend checking out the Community for advice and thoughts from other customers who might have the same situation. 

  • Charlie Smith

    I also was looking at whether we could have a different voicemail for out of hours as the one we have in hours. Is there an update on this?

  • Sawyer Perry


    I'd like to reiterate everything Matt Flowitt said. We would love to set up multiple schedules per number or even just different messages. We certainly don't need a brand new IVR flow for holidays or after hours, but we do have dedicated messages (and preferably not voicemails) for these instances (as well as being able to turn on a technical difficulties message actually).

    Manually changing after hours/and changing back at the top of the day or in preparation for upcoming holidays doesn't make a lot of sense to us either, and this is available to set up beforehand in the settings of all other telephony plans we've been involved with.

    Is there any update on these changes being available coming up on the road map?

    Thank you very much!

  • Nikki Wiley



    I would like to know if there is a way to have the phone roll to a user since we are open 24/7? What I mean by this is when the agent logs off the phone at 10 PM is there a way in ZD to set the phone up to automatically roll to another phone without someone logging in to their phone at 10? Is there a setting I can put in place for that? I have researched many topics regarding IVR, but these options do not seem to fit for our organization. 


    Thank you,

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Nikki! Welcome to the Community!

    This should be possible, provided you have the right Talk subscription for it. One of my colleagues wrote up an article about this very thing: Using Zendesk Talk Advanced IVR after hours. That should get you set up!

  • Ryan Boochard

    I would love to have the option to choose an IVR based on Schedule. The Menu in Talk-Numbers-Voicemail could be used but give us the option to choose. The ability to choose an IVR per inside/outside schedule would add a ton of flexibility. I put my use case below.

    1 Voicemail

    2 IVR

    3 Disconnect

    I would like to have calls going to a group during buisness hours but outside of buisness hours I would like a message that explains that they are calling outside buisness hours and give the the option to choose to leave a high priority voicemail which would be assigned to the On-call group or a low priority (also the default) which would be assigned to the standard group. I know the likelyhood of someone not choosing that every call is an emergency is low but we can all dream, can't we?

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for the feedback, Ryan, and welcome to the Zendesk Community! 

    Product Managers don't usually make their way into documentation comments, but I've included a link to your post in a roundup I'm working on for them, so hopefully they'll take a look. Otherwise, you're welcome to post in the Product Feedback Community, which they do read on a regular basis. 

  • Ted Johnson

    You say these features are available on Team Talk, but I don't see any of these options on the Team trial. Did you decide to remove this feature from Team?

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Ted - 

    You also need to have Support Professional or Enterprise - do you have that as well? 

  • Sonya

    I am so frustrated with Zendesk talk. I want to speak with someone to help me figure out. 1) When a customer gets routed to my cellphone, they actually hear a bit of my voicemail for some reason. It's showing up in the voice recording as a ticket (My voicemail is answering the call).

    2) I can't set business hours because this "Schedule" thing does not appear in anywhere in my dashboard, settings, talk/routing areas.

    Can someone from Zendesk please call me? I am so frustrated with this software!

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Sonya! Welcome to the Community!

    I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with Talk. I see that you were able to call in earlier and spoke with Ben in Advocacy. He's made extensive notes on your ticket and moved it up to our Tier 2 support team. They should be in touch with you soon!

  • Danilyn Nguyen

    Hi all,

    Posting here because I can't seem to find an answer to this through my browsing. I would like to know if Zendesk has implemented any features to turn off voicemail but allow for the call back feature.

    We would like to have a greeting play during off-hours that prompts the users to leave a call back number instead of a voicemail.


  • Jorge Eduardo Villarreal

    What happens to the calls that aren´t routed to any number? Do they receive a message asking them to call on business hours?

  • Dan Kondzela

    Hi, great questions!

    @Danilyn Nguyen

    Unfortunately using the callback feature will require an agent be online at the time. There would not be a way for an end-user to enter a queue for callback if there are no online agents currently working through the queue. I can see the potential for a use case here, but you will need to use Voicemail after hours.

    @Jorge Eduardo Villarreal

    I am having a hard time imagining a scenario in which an end-user would not be routed to a talk number. Initiating the call itself requires that the end user contact a Talk Number on your account. The message your customer's hear is dictated on a number by number basis, and can be pulled from a pool of default greetings or from custom uploads. More information on these greetings can be found here: Managing Outgoing Greetings

    Thanks both!


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