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One-touch tickets is a great report to gain context into your support efforts. As a best practice, the # One-Touch Tickets metric should be used with the #Reopens to gauge the quality of one-touch tickets and make sure they stay 'one-touch'. 

Skill level: Easy

Time Required: 10 minutes

Ingredients: One or two built-in metric(s). 

Creating your report

  1. Click the Reporting icon () on the sidebar in the agent interface, then click the Insights tab.
  2. Click the GoodData link in the top right corner. 
  3. In the top menu, click Reports>Create Report.
  4. Name your report 'One-touch tickets'.
  5. In the What panel, select # One-Touch Tickets and # Reopens.

  6. In the How panel, select Week (Mon-Sun)/Year(Ticket Solved).

  7. Click Done.

Customizing your report

After you finish creating your report, you can configure chart options to reflect the number of one-touch tickets. 
  1. Select the area chart option.

  2. Click Show Configuration next to chart types.
  3. Click Metric Values.
  4. Change # Reopens to a secondary Y axis value.

  5. Click Apply.
  6. In Global Settings, uncheck Gridlines.
  7. Click Apply.

Your final report should resemble the image below:

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