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This report will help you measure the amount of time between when a ticket is created to when it is solved for the last time.  

Skill level: Basic

Time required: 5 minutes

Ingredients: One built-in metric, one attribute.

Building your report

  1. Click the Reporting icon () on the sidebar in the agent interface, then click the Insights tab.
  2. Click the GoodData link in the top right corner. 
  3. In GoodData, select ReportsCreate a report.
  4. In the What panel, select Full Resolution Time [Mdn] in either hours (hrs) or in minutes (min). 
  5. In the How panel, you can select attributes to slice your data. For example, you can select Date (Ticket Created) to see the full first resolution time by day.

  6. Click Done.

    This will give you the full resolution time for all tickets created per day for every day that a ticket was created in your Zendesk. 

Customizing your report

To make your report more digestible, you can filter ticket results and select different chart types to represent your data. For example, you can filter ticket results to a specific month and select a line chart to show the increase or decrease in resolution time during that month. 
  1. In the Filter panel, select the List of values option. 
  2. Select Month/Year (Ticket Created) as the attribute to filter. 
  3. Select a month and year to analyze. 

  4. Click Apply.
  5. Select the line chart symbol () at the top right of the report editor. 
  6. Your report will now be displayed as a line chart. 

  7. Click Create to save your report. 

After you click Create, you can add your report to dashboards, sort it into a folder, or share it with others. For more information see, Sharing reports in Insights and Creating reports and dashboards in Insights. For more Insights resources see,  Insights resources (Professional and Enterprise).

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    How can I exclude the tickets closed without a public reply from this report? I tried the filter "public comment is true" however it only looks at the last event ie was there a public comment when ticket was solved.

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    Hi Asif,

    For that you will need to clone the metric "Full Resolution Time (hrs)" and create a new one with an extra filter. So, basically that it would check if the ticket has a public reply or not.

    Here you have a community post that will help you a lot with that filter:

    Also, here you have video about how to create a custom metric (GoodData):

    Hope this helps!

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    I see that the How is set to the time the ticket was created? 

    Is this listing tickets solved for tickets created on their creation date? 

    Would there be any loss of data if we were to change that to the date ticket was solved? 

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    Hey Bobby,

    This report isn't showing just tickets that were solved on the same day that they were created.  Rather the report is showing the full resolution time it took for tickets that were created on the time stamps listed.  So if you wanted to see the total time it took to solve out all tickets created in September 2015 - this report would be what you want to use.  When the ticket was solved doesn't have any bearing on which tickets are listed here (unless of course they aren't yet solved out).  

    To answer your question then, changing the report to show full resolution for tickets solved wouldn't result in a loss of information, but the tickets reported would be different than those listed using the created value.  That would then show the total time it took to solve out all tickets that were solved on a particular day, irregardless of when they were created.

    Both reports have merit in terms of the accuracy of their data, but it depends on your account workflow and reporting needs for determining which would be best to help your account to track ticketing data.

    I hope that helps!  :)

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