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  • Asif Hussain

    How can I exclude the tickets closed without a public reply from this report? I tried the filter "public comment is true" however it only looks at the last event ie was there a public comment when ticket was solved.

  • Ferran Barneda Delporte

    Hi Asif,

    For that you will need to clone the metric "Full Resolution Time (hrs)" and create a new one with an extra filter. So, basically that it would check if the ticket has a public reply or not.

    Here you have a community post that will help you a lot with that filter:

    Also, here you have video about how to create a custom metric (GoodData):

    Hope this helps!

  • Bobby Quezada

    I see that the How is set to the time the ticket was created? 

    Is this listing tickets solved for tickets created on their creation date? 

    Would there be any loss of data if we were to change that to the date ticket was solved? 

  • Justin Smith
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hey Bobby,

    This report isn't showing just tickets that were solved on the same day that they were created.  Rather the report is showing the full resolution time it took for tickets that were created on the time stamps listed.  So if you wanted to see the total time it took to solve out all tickets created in September 2015 - this report would be what you want to use.  When the ticket was solved doesn't have any bearing on which tickets are listed here (unless of course they aren't yet solved out).  

    To answer your question then, changing the report to show full resolution for tickets solved wouldn't result in a loss of information, but the tickets reported would be different than those listed using the created value.  That would then show the total time it took to solve out all tickets that were solved on a particular day, irregardless of when they were created.

    Both reports have merit in terms of the accuracy of their data, but it depends on your account workflow and reporting needs for determining which would be best to help your account to track ticketing data.

    I hope that helps!  :)

  • Lee Candelaria



    I have been looking online for help to create a customized report that shows the number of tickets closed that took more than 48 hours to resolve within a given time period.  I can't seem to find anything regarding this specific metric.  Can this be done in Insights?

  • Monica Aten

    Hi Lee,

    Let me know if they answer your question. I am looking for the same type of report.



  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hey, Lee and Monica!

    I'm checking to see if one of our Insights experts can weigh in on this for you. :)

  • Christopher Hanson

    Hi, Lee and Monica,


    Yes, it is possible to track the number of tickets closed that took more than 48 hours to resolve within a given time period using Insights. To do this you will need to create a custom metric that tracks the full resolution time of a ticket and have it specifically look for a time greater than 48 hours. For more information on creating a custom metric, see Creating custom metrics in Insights.


    An example of this type of metric would look as follows:

    SELECT #Tickets WHERE Full resolution time in minutes >= 2880


    Additionally you can reference Insights recipe: Reviewing SLA performance in Insights, for reporting on time based events such as this. Although this resource is intended for SLA recipes, it may be useful to your specific use case.


    Hi guys,


    I want to create a report that will show Full resolution time for tickets that were never on "Hold" status.

    Can you help me with this one?




  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hey Tom!

    To the best of my knowledge, there isn't any data point in Insights that will account for whether a ticket has ever been in a given status.

    I think the only way to do this would be to set up a trigger that adds a tag to a ticket once it's place in on-hold status, and then filter tickets with that tag out of your report.

  • Laras

    Hi my name is Laras

    im trying to make a report to measure the amount of time between when a ticket is created to when it is solved.

    But, The measurement comes from ticket's tag which we made before, there are #project_parent and #project_child. so i hope the report will show the aging between when parent ticket is created and when the child ticket is solved.

    is it possible to put 2 types of tags simultaneously in one report? because i cant do that :"

    Hope you get what i mean and answer my question.



  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Laras!

    I'm going to see if I can find someone to help you with this.

  • Gabriel Tortejada

    Hi, There.

    I'm Trying to pull a report on AVG full resolution time by date it was last solved and I didn't find this option on the "how" tab.

    What would be the closest possible option?



  • Fernando Duarte

    This will require a custom metric created in the "What" tab


    Then select Date (ticket Solved) in the "How" tab


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