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    Sam Trachtenberg

    Hello, just to be certain, is this option not available for Basic Talk?

    If it routes to a group, will the phone ring for every enabled, online agent in that group?



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    Craig Willis

    Hi Sam, 

    No, it will ring 1 agent at a time to the default group, and if nobody answers, or no agents in the default group are available, then it will start with agents in the other groups.


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    Will Foley

    Can you route calls based on End User Tags? 

    Example. Client X is VIP, I want them to be Routed to my best agents. Is that possible?

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    I have the same question as Will above, any answer?

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    Atul Verma

    Hello all,

    Please try the steps mentioned in this link:

    This might help.


    Thanks and Regards

    Atul Verma

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    Rich Carver

    Any chance of adding the "Group Routing" settings to the "Zendesk Talk Dashboard" page? It would be beneficial to make quick routing changes directly from the "Dashboard" page rather than drilling down so many layers within the "Admin" section. Thank you for the consideration.

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    Jessie Schutz

    Thanks for the suggestion, Rich!

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