Using article lists for different views of your knowledge base content

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  • Dane K


    Now that the article is public and I can read what the request is, it isn't what I thought it was and isn't pertinent to my problem.

    At minimum I want alphabetical sorting on the 'Saved lists' left sidebar. Under the topic "Creating an article list for a different view of contentCreating an article list for a different view of content" and saving a list is just putting them into the order that I create.

    With over 15 saved custom lists, it's now getting unruly. Absent of manual sorting capability, at minimum Alphabetical should always be a PMs default choice since it allows a user to put numbers or A) B) C) in front of their list names to get a custom sort.

    Sorting by creation date, makes it annoyingly and painful to sort, since every time I wish to sort, I need to delete lists and re-create just to get some semblance of order. 

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Dane,

    Your use-case makes a lot of sense. Since this functionality isn't currently available in the UI, we encourage you to submit a feedback request to the product team by posting in the Feedback on Guide topic in the community. If you haven't submitted a feature request before, we recommend reviewing the product feedback guidelines before posting.

  • Mary Paez

    The columns config is a great addition for admins so we can see article title, classification, and author on one screen.  Just waiting now for BOOLEAN operators   example:  NOT Assigned to someone


    Thank you!

  • Rebecca McMurry

    I am trying to add a column to my article view as described in the section above. I do not see a "more" option. Is this something that needs to be turned on? I am on the Enterprise level. Thanks.

  • Dovile Janule
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Rebecca McMurry we are in the process of slowly rolling this feature out. We expect all customers to have access to this feature by the end of next week. 

  • Bruce Michelsen

    One thing to note to re-order columns in a saved list, you need to remove the columns and re-add them in the order you want them, but save after removing columns, then re-add each column; otherwise, the columns won't be in the order you set.

  • Mary Paez

    We love the ability to add/remove columns when using the Manage Articles UI.  It is now extremely helpful to identify where articles are published on one screen, who the author is, and the status of each article in the list.  There are some additional features that will help an Admin.

    We need the following:


    • Ability to change the column size or font size to get entire value to fit screen
    • Ability to export a report to CSV or Excel ss

    With those changes, this UI will be very helpful.

    Thank you for this change.

  • Stephen A Kairys


    Our KB has several categories. I need a filter that will display ONLY articles belonging to Category X  Per the example below., here's how the article list appears, with filtering active.

    How can I bring up the window where I configured this filter if I want to view and/or change?




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