Installing and using the Pathfinder app (Professional Add-on and Enterprise)

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  • Diana Cerame

    Thanks for this awesome new feature!

    Curiosity question - We have several users who email in support requests rather than using the "submit a request" form. If a user searches the Help Center or views an article, and then within 30 minutes sends in a support request via email, will the Pathfinder app be able to find that activity? Or is it dependent on users creating a ticket via the form?

  • Diana Cerame

    Another question - Are there any plans to provide reporting against this app? It would be amazing if we could quickly pull the IDs for tickets where customers viewed Support Center content in the 30 minutes before / after logging a ticket so that we don't have to go hunting for this information.

    Another reporting option (if it's not already built in) would be for a tag to automatically be applied to any ticket where there is Pathfinder data. This would enable to a report to be built in GoodData to track these tickets and compare it to other data. We would just need to know the tag.


  • Birgit Pohl

    I like the tool. Thanks!

  • Shannon Anahata

    Hi Diana!

    Thanks for your feedback about this app. At this time the Pathfinder App does not include any metrics that are accessible for reporting. You might be better serviced at this moment by doing a combination of your suggestions, which are excellent ones by the way! 

    You might look into Google Analytics to track the paths of your customers when in an article, and use that metric to see when they then click to submit a ticket. On the Zendesk Help Desk side, you could still create custom tags for each article for your reporting and tracking purposes. Unfortunately, you won't be able to have those tags automatically assigned to tickets, but you could have your Agents add those tags manually.

    Something you could also experiment with is using a trigger that adds tags that are associated with particular ticket fields that are submitted via web form. This would give you a wider view of tickets being submitted, but if you set the form up with some conditional fields, you might be able to get the customer to narrow down where they're coming from within your Help Center.

    We've gotten some great feedback around Pathfinder reporting, so it's definitely on our radar!

  • Jimmy Rufo

    I guess my feedback here is I shouldn't have to wait for the customer to submit a ticket to see what they viewed in the help center.  I should simply have the reporting to see that regardless.  I want to know what issues are being addressed via help center articles before a ticket even comes our way.  This makes me think the enhancement is not to pathfinder, which appears to be a specific use case based on a user submitted ticket, but rather to insights or the reporting dashboard/leaderboard for the knowledge base.

    It looks like an attempt was made to start gathering more metrics on Knowledge base activity, but I think this misses the mark in regards to overall visibility into help center activity reporting.

  • Sander Vleut

    Would be a real nice feature to have. I see that it is a professional 'Add-on' and a Enterprise app.

    How can i use this tool on my professional account?

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Sander!

    You'll need to speak with your Account Manager to get add-ons activated on your account. If you're not sure who your Account Manager is, you can send a ticket in to Support and they'll be able to get you pointed in the right direction!

  • Steven Yan

    Diana and Jimmy, thanks for your feedback on reporting -- we hear you loud and clear. This feature enhancement is specifically targeted at improving the agent experience, but we do have separate plans to improve our overall Help Center reporting which will benefit from the KB metrics gathering that was built for this feature.

    I can't offer an ETA for when that reporting will be coming, but we do see this as a way to round out the offering that we're providing with the Pathfinder app.

  • Scott

    I've been looking for something like this since we implemented Zopim help widget. We're on the Zendesk PLUS plan which doesn't seem to exist anymore. Personally, I think this should be standard functionality, but are we eligible to upgrade?

    Zopim chat gives you a really granular view of customer activity across your web properties. It would be nice to see a deeper level of integration between these two products and enable a chat history log against the user profile in Zendesk.

  • Diana Cerame

    Pinging this thread to see if there are any updates on getting some reporting around Pathfinder added to the agent interface, or to the Insights reporting integration? Thanks!

  • Steven Yan

    Scott -- we are planning to bring the chat and Pathfinder history logs together in the future. This requires some work for us to combine the end-user record of the two products together, which is currently in progress.

    Diana, one of our product teams is focusing on Help Center reporting and is interested in speaking with Pathfinder customers. If you're interested in doing a short phone interview with one of them we would love to hear the questions you're trying to answer with the reporting.

  • Omari Whyne

    I'd like to echo Diana's comments here. It would be really helpful to have some reporting in the pathfinder interface.

    The idea of adding custom tags sounds interesting but the manual tagging of each ticket would be quite a painful process for us. Where possible we want to automate as much as we can and a lack of consistency in tagging articles could cause an issue to as we have quite heavily structured workflows.

    In addition, if a user has looked at 2 or more articles, the tagging process would become very difficult for us too.

    Would be great to see some reporting added to Pathfinder. At the moment, our solution is to implement Google Event Tracking. 

    Steven, Is there a timeline for the reporting feature to be added?


  • Jon Thorne


  • Scott Kinnear

    Cool app! I would very much appreciate some reports on this. I am on the Training side of the shop and need averages on large datasets before I commit to creating new lessons and courses. Thanks ZD

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Scott!

    We got a lot of feedback about the need for reporting during the Pathfinder beta, so you're definitely not the only person who'd like to see it (I'd like to see it, too!).

    If you'd like, it would be really helpful if you could head over to the thread about this in our Product Feedback forum to share your detailed use case, and what kind of metrics/reports you'd like to see. That type of feedback is really helpful for our Product Managers as they consider how to do it.

    You can find the thread here: Pathfinder App: Collate data on viewed articles in one area

    Thanks for sharing your feedback!

  • Allen Hancock

    I'm seeing this in our Admin Apps area:

    Location: Ticket
    Version 0.11.3 -  
    Framework Version: 1.0

    Is there a timeframe for migrating this app to v2?

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi Allen,

    No timeframe of when this app will be migrated over unfortunately. As mentioned in the v1 app removals, alternatives, and future plans article, more information to come regarding the migration for this app.

    I would recommend following that article so you receive an email notification once our team has updated the information :)



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