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    Many people have asked for a way to recover a deleted article. Even a 30 day rolling trash can would save so much effort and pain. 

    Is there any plans to implement a way in the tool to recover a deleted article? 

    See the post with people asking for this here -

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    Tomas Girardi

    The proposed methods for HC article recovery doesn't work if you still have not published your HC.

    What about just sending a zip with the lost articles content? That involves no modification of the client data. You just send the lost data to the client and the client finds a way of copy/pasting the data to a new article.

    My team has just lost a whole day of work just because we made a mistake and got confused about the category we wanted to delete and deleted the wrong one. This type of loss should not be one your customers should be vulnerable to. Just imagine how disappointed we are with Zendesk right now.

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    Lisa M.

    Hi Tomas - thanks for sharing your concern here. I see that you've commented on this feature request in which our Help Center Product Manager has described an upcoming article recovery feature. I urge you and others interested to keep an eye on that post for updates about its availability.

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    Jake Bantz

    Hi Everyone!

    I wanted to post a quick update that we do have a Beta available for archiving and recovering Help Center articles. If you would like to learn more and/or sign up for the Beta please go here.

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