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Removing information from email notifications

The default triggers in Zendesk Support produce a variety of email notifications sent to users and cc's. The emails may contain information you don't want to make public. For example, if you're a HIPAA-compliant company in the U.S., you don't want personal health information to be accidently sent in subjects or comments in the email. You can edit the triggers to remove the information from the emails.

To remove information from email notifications

  1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Triggers.
  2. For each trigger that sends email notifications, click Edit.
  3. In the Email Subject or Email body of the trigger action, delete the dynamic content placeholders for the ticket subject ({{ticket.title}}) and comments, including any of the following placeholders:
    • {{ticket.description}}
    • {{ticket.comments_formatted}}
    • {{ticket.public_comments_formatted}}
    • {{ticket.latest_comment_formatted}}
    • {{ticket.latest_public_comment_formatted}}
  4. Click Update Trigger.

For more information, see the Zendesk Support placeholder reference.

Making ticket attachments private

Attachments use links in Zendesk Support. Without enabling private attachments, any link found by an individual can be accessed without first authenticating into Zendesk. Enable private attachments unless there's strong business reason not to. See Working with attachments in tickets.

Redacting credit card numbers from tickets (Professional and Enterprise)

You can redact, or remove, digits from credit card numbers found in ticket comments or custom fields so that the numbers are no longer useful. See Automatically redacting credit card numbers from tickets.

Redacting other ticket information

You can install the Ticket Redaction app in Zendesk Support to redact other text strings or attachments from tickets. The app lets you permanently redact sensitive data such as ID numbers, credit cards, passwords, or attachments from your tickets.

The app is currently provided by Zendesk Labs and is not officially supported. For more information, see Ticket Redaction App on the Zendesk Apps Marketplace.

Note: This app requires the user to have the ability to delete tickets. Agents in plans without agent customization are unable to use this app.
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