Forwarding your incoming support email to Zendesk using Outlook/Exchange Follow

You can receive support requests at an Outlook email account, and forward it to your Zendesk email address.

This works with email addresses using both and Outlook hooked into an Exchange server.

If you're using another email client, see Forwarding your incoming support email to Zendesk.

Forwarding email from

To forward email to Zendesk using

  1. Log in to using the support address you'd like to setup forwarding for.
  2. Hover over the Gear icon in the upper right hand corner, and click Options.
  3. Under Mail > Accounts, click Forwarding.
  4. Click Start Forwarding, then enter your Zendesk support email address (
  5. Click Save.


Next Steps

You also need to add your external email address as a support address in Zendesk. See Adding support addresses for users to submit tickets. When you add your support address, your email will be verified and you'll know whether you've set up email forwarding properly.

Optionally, you can edit or create an SPF record to verify that Zendesk can send email on behalf of your email server. See Setting up SPF for Zendesk to send email on behalf of your email domain.

If these steps aren't working, or you're seeing something different in your email account, please refer to Microsoft's email forwarding documentation.

Microsoft Exchange

To forward email to Zendesk using Outlook hooked in to an Exchange server, you can set up a redirect rule. To do so, follow the instructions in Microsoft Outlook 2007: Automatically forward my messages to another e-mail account.

Another option is to set up email forwarding on your Exchange mailbox as follows:
  1. Create a Contact in Active Directory called Zendesk Support with the email address
  2. Enable forwarding on in the user properties in Active Directory.

For detailed instructions, refer to How to configure a mailbox to forward mail to a mail-enabled contact. Also, check Forwarding email--Exchange 2003 for steps from our own Skip Moore at Zendesk.

Community Tip! Rick Griffith forwards email directly from Active Directory/Exchange without the need to create an Exchange mailbox or configure the Outlook client to forward. He uses a Global Distribution Group. Here are his steps:
  1. Create a Contact in Active Directory called Zendesk Support with the email address
  2. Create a Global Distribution Group with a local email address like and make the Zendesk Support contact a member of this new group.

    With the Zendesk Support contact as a member of this group, any emails to (or any aliases or additional SMTP addresses that you want) are forwarded to the

If you are using an Office365 hosted exchange instance you can forward email to Zendesk. To do so, see Configuring Office365 Hosted Exchange with Zendesk by our own Adam Panzer at Zendesk.

Community Tip! Rory says he uses hosted exchange and can't do the external contact trick in Exchange. To work around this they use a mail server on one of their web hosts that does allow 'send as' and make Outlook resend via that email account instead of their exchange server. They use an Outlook macro to simplify things. To use this approach, first create that mail account on another server (customers will see this email address if they're CC'd on a new ticket that you resend, so name it sensibly), then follow the steps in Forwarding email with hosted exchange using Outlook macro.


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