Sending a different email message to users for agent-created tickets

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  • Alice Ramos

    Can I exclude some end users from receiving the Notify requester of received request? 

  • Katharina Beckmann

    Hi Alice,

    I guess you could probably exclude users with specific tags from receiving the notification?

    Just add a tag (for example "no_acknowledgement") to the user account(s) which should be excluded from the notifications and then add this as a condition to the trigger:

  • Jessie Schutz

    Thanks for helping out, Katharina!

  • Lee KB

    Note that if you are using something like ChannelReply to integrate with Amazon, you need to add a condition to not trigger when the ChannelReply-specific tags are present. Otherwise every incoming email will trigger this.

  • Mary Barnes

    How would we set the ticket created trigger, if we only want requesters notified when we create tickets? As in we do not want them notified when they send tickets in, only when we create a ticket on their behalf. Also how would set the trigger so the body of it reflects what is in the actual ticket?

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Mary! Welcome to the Community!

    All you'll need to do here is add a condition to the trigger:

    Current user > is not > (end user)

    This will make it so the trigger only fires when someone other than an end user creates the ticket.


  • Rucha

    This article did not work for me. My end users still get the same email notification even if my agents create request on their behalf.

  • Stefan Jonsson

    In step 4 of "Creating a new trigger", please add a note to also edit the email subject as well, and not just the body. You're doing it in the example image, but you don't write about it =)


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