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    Robin Wiggins

    For the instructions to add brand restrictions to existing tickets, the first step is to open the ticket you want to update. Do you mean open the existing form?

    I did not see a brand change option on the individual tickets. 

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    Aimee Spanier

    Thanks for the catch, Robin.

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    Jan van Kalkeren

    I am loving this option. It is super easy and intuitive and best of all: No more javascript!

    Thanks Zendesk!


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    April Shetland

    Is there a way to set default forms for each brand?

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    Well hello there April,

    Thanks for leaving us with your question. Unfortunately, you can only set one default form for each brand (e.g you have Brand A with form B & C - you then have Brand B with form D & E - Brand A currently has form B as a default, but if you were to set Form D in Brand B as a default - it will remove Brand A's form default).

    With that said, you can only set one default form for all brands. Just make sure agents who are creating a ticket that requires a different form, must remember to change it.

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    Will the option to choice specific forms for each brand be added anytime soon?

    My company has three brands set up and I would like to have a unique form for each brand.

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Terence!

    This article outlines how to set up brand-specific ticket there something here that isn't working for you?

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