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Net Promoter Score℠ (NPS®) is an industry standard for measuring customer loyalty. That is, how likely your customers are to recommend your business.

You can create and send an NPS survey, which includes one simple question, to target customers from your instance of Zendesk Support. An overall score is derived from the survey results.

For information about putting together an NPS survey, see Creating and sending an NPS survey.

For information about viewing your survey results, see Analyzing your NPS survey results.

NPS is available as a Professional or Enterprise Add-on. You must be an administrator to send and view NPS surveys. Enterprise agents in a custom role with permission to view reports cannot view NPS results.

Note: NPS surveys are part of an Add-on that also includes customer lists.

This article contains the following sections:

**Net Promoter, NPS, and the NPS-related emoticons are registered trademarks, and Net Promoter Score and Net Promoter System are service marks, of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc. and Fred Reichheld.

About NPS surveys

NPS is a metric that was developed to predict customer purchase and referral behavior. NPS is based on how your customers respond to a single survey question.

Based on how customers respond, they are categorized into groups:
  • Detractors are disloyal customers who complain about your business and share negative opinions.
  • Passives are customers who are ambivalent about your business and don't usually impact your business.
  • Promoters are loyal customers who are enthusiastic about your business and share positive opinions.

A simple formula aggregates all of your survey data into an overall NPS score. For more information, see Understanding your NPS score.

A positive NPS score has been linked to long-term growth for a business. You can compare your score to other businesses in the same industry to understand the overall health of your business. You can also use your survey results to take actions to decrease the number of detractors and increase the number of promoters.

For more information about NPS, see What is Net Promoter Score® and how does it help me.

Understanding NPS survey scheduling

NPS is a valuable tool for measuring customer loyalty, but be careful not to spam your customers. Here are the limits for how often you can send surveys and how often you can survey individual users.

  • You can have only one live NPS survey at a time. You must close the live survey, if there is one, before you send a new survey.
  • You can invite up to 10,000 customers to a survey each time. When you start a survey campaign, you can invite a maximum number of 10,000 customers. You can invite more customers to the survey later, after you send it. You can send as many invitations as you want, but each invite has a limit of 10,000 recipients.
  • You can survey an individual user every 90 days. Users who have received a survey in the last 90 days cannot receive an NPS survey. These users are automatically filtered out of your target customer list, if they are included. Also, agents and users who marked a previous survey as spam or unsubscribed are automatically filtered out of the list.

Beyond the built-in limits, you should decide on a regular survey schedule that makes sense for your company. And you should target all eligible users or a random sample of eligible users.

NPS survey customization

You can customize the following items for your NPS survey:
  • Company logo
  • Email subject
  • From address
  • Introduction
  • Survey name
  • Organization name for the NPS question
  • Audience type for the NPS question
  • Single color for the 1-10 NPS rating options and the Send Feedback button on the confirmation page
  • Follow-up question on the confirmation page (which also supports Dynamic Content)

For information on customizing your survey, see Customizing your survey.

Understanding the experience for NPS recipients

When you send an NPS survey, users receive the survey in email.

Recipients can click a rating directly in the email, and the result is captured immediately. If the user has previously responded to this survey, or if the survey has been closed, then the user gets a message and no result is captured.

After successfully clicking a rating, the user sees the confirmation page.

On the confirmation page, users can change their rating, if they want. They can also add a comment.

When finished, users click Send Feedback to submit their survey. Users cannot change their rating or comment after they submit their survey.

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    is it possible to create a ticket in zendesk when the customers answer to the nps survey? we would like to send to customers that answers to NPS survey with a vote higher then 7 an automatic email with a promo code.




  • 0

    Hi Francesco-

    Currently NPS results are not passed back as support tickets and we don't offer a re-engagement workflow built directly into NPS.

    Having said that, we do have an App in Zendesk Labs that may be helpful to you:

    It doesn't do exactly what you're asking, but you can create a Customer List (available on Enterprise and as an add on in Professional) in Zendesk that only shows users who most recently gave you a rating of 7 or higher. You could then send a proactive ticket to each of these customers using the Proactive Tickets App.

    Edited by Rebecca
  • 0

    Is it possible to send the NPS survey automatically to customers to fit some condition? 

    We send emails to customers through a Zendesk ticket when the job for them is done, and I'd like that email to include an NPS score, or to trigger an NPS survey being sent to the customer, or a simpler way of sending NPS scores that uploading a contact list with one customer on it. 

  • 0

    @Daneil, we do not offer the NPS for individuals or individual tickets. Based on what you're looking to accomplish, perhaps it would be better to generate a customer list at the end of each week that sends out an NPS to those who submitted tickets to you over the last 7 days (though this is still less than ideal). The idea of the NPS Survey versus the CSAT is to get a long term view of promoters/detractors by using a statistically calculated number of respondents in each survey. You can read more about those suggestions here: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/203465086-NPS-Best-Practices-The-most-effective-way-to-send-a-Net-Promoter-Score-survey. The short response to your one customer list is, with attempting to survey one-off lists of customers, you might be compromising your long-term analytic capabilities. 

  • 0

    We want to send NPS surveys to users every single week in a determined period of time. Is it possible to send follow up surveys to the same users right the next week or we must wait at least 90 days, according to the NPS rule that users who have received a survey in the last 90 days will be automatically filtered out of the customer list? 

    Beside, is there anyway to remove the "Powered by Zendesk" mark at the footer of the survey to avoid confusion to users?
    Other question: is there any plan from your side to solve the language problem while multibranding since brand is tied to ticket and not user? We have multiple brands with different languages and slightly different logos. If the same user sends us various tickets in different countries, in which language and with what logo the NPS survey will be sent to him then?
  • 0

    Hi Trang,

    Unfortunately, it wont be possible to send follow-up surveys to the same users that has answered the survey in the past 90 days. Once a user answered the survey, these users will then be ineligible for the next 90 days and will automatically be filtered out in receiving your NPS. 

    Regarding your other concern, I believe it is not possible to remove the "Powered by Zendesk" on NPS survey. My apologies about this.

    The logo of the survey would depend on the logo you'd add upon creating the survey. If there was no logo attached, then it wouldn't display any logos in the survey. Also, if you send a survey to a customer who is an existing user in your Zendesk, the survey will be sent in the language set on the customer's user profile.

    Lastly, with your question about our plans to resolve the language problem, it would be best if I would create another ticket on this that will be escalated to our Product team. Kindly check into your email as we will be updating you from there. 


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