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    Bisnoo Saha

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    Jeremy Flanagan

    We use this feature all the time, but up until now, it's only been company sanctioned aliases, through our corporate google account. One of our teams has created a user facing alias as a personal gmail account and wants to route these tickets through Zendesk. Are there precautions we should take or any security risks?

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    Getting the following message after changing password on gmail account

    ''Unable to receive emails from this address. We can't connect to your Gmail account because your OAuth credentials are invalid. Please reconnect.''

    Please help, very frustrating. 

    Kind Regards, 

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    James Sanford

    Hey Adam!

    If you've changed your password for your Gmail account then you'll need to reconnect the account to your Zendesk since we would not have your current authentication information.  The "Please reconnect" message is asking you to use the "Reconnect" button that will appear in bold underneath the support address you are experiencing these difficulties with on your Email configuration page under Admin > Channels > Email.

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    Kyle Wetherby

    I don't understand

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hey Kyle! Can you tell me more about what you're having trouble with?

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    Renée van Vliet

    I've connected my new gmail address to our zendesk account so all mails send to this new gmail are send to our Zendesk account. However, before connecting there were already about 200 mails in in my gmail inbox which I'd like to be visible to Zendesk as well. How can I do this? 

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    Andrew Dietrich

    Hi Renée!

    The forwarding rules set up in this doc are very straightfoward; it will only forward mail sent after the rule was established.

    If you'd like to import old email, you can use the Gmail connector, which allows you to import up to 50 older emails: 


    Unfortunately this wouldn't cover all 200 of your old emails, but it's the best option in this case.

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