Disabling your Help Center community (Guide Professional and Enterprise)

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  • Mike Pociask


  • Marrit

    Is it possible to change settings and content of the Community without having it activated? To set everything up and experiment with the possibilities within Communities.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Rachel Braynin

    Communities is not checked yet it shows up in the top right nav. This is when I view the Help Center as an End User from Settings.

    We have not activated the Help Center yet, plan to do so later this week. 

    How do I confidently know Community link will not be available.

  • Jennifer Rowe


    Are you using Preview to view your Help Center as an end-user?

    In preview mode, the community link will appear in the preview. This is so that you can see how community will look when enabled, in case you are working on the community and need to preview it before making it live.

    In your live Help Center, however, if community is not enabled in settings, then you should not see the Community link. If you do, then something is not right and you might need to get help from our support team.

    Hope that helps!



  • Håkon Kippernes


    I experienced that i unchecked the boxes just like the guide said but the community was still showing for end users on the active page. After trying several things i  reactivated it and then deactivated it again and it disappeared.

    Why and what happened, i don't know. It is fixed now, anyways.


  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Hakon -

    That sounds like it may just have been a cache issue, but I am glad you got it resolved.

  • Scott Bowen

    We want to start using the community in the next month, but I don't seem to be able to add or edit topics while it is disabled. When I click on "add" in the guide admin, I just get options to add an article, section, or category. Am I missing something?

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Scott -

    You do have to have the community enabled in order to add or edit topics. If you're looking to stage it before making it live, you can set the topics as visible only to agents and managers so that no end-users can see them while you work on them.

    However, there would still be a button linking to the community from your HC landing page and in your header. You would need to edit your Guide theme code in order to hide that from navigation while you get it set up. There are a few steps to this process, but it's not too difficult. 

    How to remove links to your community while you stage it: 

    1) Duplicate your currently live Guide theme and export it.

    2) Go through the code in the export and delete or comment out all references to the community being enabled. 

    3) Upload and apply this theme. Don't delete the original theme - you'll need this when you're ready to make it live. 

    4) Enable the community. You should now be able to add topics and content without it being visible to your end-users. 

    5) When you add topics to the community, restrict the visibility to agents & managers or an internal user segment. 

    6) You can preview what your community looks like either by typing in the direct url to them, or by looking at them in the staged (inactive) original theme. 

    Note: You will have to navigate to the things you want to work on in the community directly, since they won't show up in your Guide. 

    When you're ready to make your community visible to end-users: 

    1) Re-activate your original theme (the one that doesn't have things removed or commented out) 

    2) Change the visibility of the community topics to "everyone" (or whichever user segment you do want the topics visible to) 

    I hope that helps. Let us know if you have any questions!

  • Scott Bowen

    Thanks, Nicole! I'll look at that process as I prep our community for launch.

    I misunderstood the second paragraph of this article to mean I could still add things to the Community even when it was disabled. But the article refers to editing the stying of the Community while it's disabled, not the content— Is that right?

  • Jennifer Rowe

    Ah, good point, Scott. You are correct that it is referring to the theme styling and not the content.

    I'll try to clarify that. Thanks!

  • Travis Abdelhamed

    We currently have community enabled, but the content is pretty outdated and it is not being used. Ideally, we would want to disable the community, but retain all of the content. So the question is if we disable the community at this point, by unchecking it in the settings, will all of the content be lost? Or, if we enable after disabling, will the content still be there?

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Travis -

    Disabling your community should not delete the content. You should be able to disable it, work on it, then re-enable it and still have your content.

  • Travis Abdelhamed

    @Nicole - Thank you!

  • Steve Hooper


    Is it possible to disable the Community visibility as a whole based on user segment? Much the same way that Categories can be hidden to users based on segments?

    We segment our users based on their region and products they have access to resell. We would like to open the community up to one region-based segment only, and have the whole Community functionality hidden to all other segments.

    Thanks, Steve.

  • Katrina Guyduy

    Also interested to find out if it's possible to disable the visibility based on their region.

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Steve - 

    Community topic visibility can be restricted by user segments. You could make all of your topics restricted. However, the link to the community would still show up in your site navigation, so basically if a user not in those segments came to your Help Center, they could see the community link and if they clicked on it it would just go to an empty topics page. 

    You can use some custom code to hide that link, but it would be all or none - there's not a good way to hide that link based on segment. 

    Katrina - 

    User segment is the only native way to impact visibility. You would have to create user segments and then add all users from a region, but it wouldn't automatically detect region and hide topics. 


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