Zendesk Talk dashboard metrics reference (Talk Team, Professional, and Enterprise)

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  • Rene Herrera

    Hi I have a question about the agent activity , In the same business day you can see total time logged into the phone, after that business day this information is unavailable; e.g. I cannot tell how long Agent X was logged into the phone, yesterday or any day in the past

  • Harry Morris

    Piggy-backing off Rene's question. Is there any update on that question? I am trying figure out the hours my team is online for and unless I log in after the end of the business day to check, it seems like there is no way to do this. Is there a way to get this information emailed to me in a report?

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hey Harry,

    There currently isn't a way to track Agent Online Time over an extended period of time. I would recommend cross-posting in the following product feedback post to help provide visibility of this need to our Product Managers in charge of this area: Agent Talk status for reporting purposes

    Thanks in advance!

  • Scott Hartman

    Clarifying Questions:

    1.) Outside of business hours- How do we define which schedule to pull from?

    2.) Average callback wait time- Is this the difference between the customer requesting a callback in the IVR and receiving a call from an agent? Or does it include their initial call wait time as well?

    3.) Average duration- Does this include IVR & wait time? Or only the time the customer is actually speaking with an agent?

  • Tim Roberts


    I have bit of a query regarding the validity of data from 2 sources. Why does my daily report of an agents previous day call activity = accepted calls, missed calls, declined calls, outbound calls not tally with the agents dashboard at the end of the day? in one instance it has added about 20 accepted calls.


    Happy to attach redacted images.

  • Jupete Manitas

    Hello Tim, thanks for writing!

    Please be advised that i've created a ticket instead to get more details and for easy communication just in case we need to troubleshoot the account. I'll see you there on the ticket.

    Thank you!


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