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  • Lila Kingsley

    I'm having the same problem as Erin:  Advanced search used to be available via the search box but now its not. 

    I frequently used advanced search this way as we have a lot of account numbers that coincidentally are ticket numbers--the basic search ALWAYS returns the ticket , so I'd gotten in the habit of performing the advanced search when I needed to search by account number.  

    Now that this is gone, I have to search by something intentionally vague i.e. the name "Jane" just to get the advanced search to appear.  

    Is the fact that the advanced search is missing from the search box intentional??

  • Aimee Spanier
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi, Erin and Lila.

    The newly-updated search lets you use advanced search operators and terminology in the default search box -- you don't have to select Advanced Search to use them. If that's not happening, you can reply here or file a support ticket and we'll try to figure out why not.

    This article was updated a couple weeks ago to reflect the new functionality. If you're still not seeing the updated text, you may need to clear your cache.

    Erin, I am looking into the direct-to-ticket search results and will update when I learn more about it.


  • Lila Kingsley

    Thanks Aimee Spanier--I see the info in the article I just wasn't clear the old/familiar way to get to the advanced search screen was purposefully removed.  

    From what I can see, there is a way to specifically search both the user and organization (using type:user or type:organization OR both of these after the numeric search term).  My issue is that this is much more complicated than it used to be :(

  • Kevin Tauber

    I'm trying to do a search for users whose email addresses are verified/unverified but it's not working. When I search for:


    All my users show up in the results even though most of them are NOT verified. When I search for:


    None of my users show up even though most of them are NOT verified.

  • Elissa
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Kevin Tauber,


    After consulting a couple specialists on this and testing in a few different test accounts, we did confirm the "is_verified:true" and false work as expected in our accounts. What I would like to do is take this into a ticket so we can troubleshoot further with you there and dig into potential account specific issues with you.
    You will receive an email shortly notifying you the ticket was created and I will follow up there with additional questions.

    I hope that helps! I will talk to you in the ticket soon!

  • Elissa
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello again Kevin Tauber and Community,


    I wanted to follow up here to close the loop on what we found in the ticket. When searching for "is_verified:true" you will see all users with a verified identity. This includes a verified phone number or other identity so it is not specifically limited to users with verified email addresses.

    We've updated the article with that correction and clarification to now read this:

    "You can search for users based on whether or not they are suspended, and whether or not they are verified. Users with any verified identity, not just an email address, are included in the search results. For example, users with verified phone numbers are listed."

    I hope that helps clear up confusion!

  • Rawan Dwairi

    Is it possible to search for tickets based on received at /sent to email

  • Elissa
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Rawan Dwairi

    It is possible to search for tickets based on received at email, but only for tickets sent to one of your Zendesk support addresses. This unfortunately does not work for any emails sent to any external email addresses you have set up.

    The term you're looking for is "recipient". You can see the details in the screenshot below from this article: Zendesk Support search reference

    If you are looking to sort out tickets for an external address, you could try the work around of creating a View based on the support address using the "received at" condition. See more in this article: Creating views to manage ticket workflow.

    I hope that helps!


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