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    Wouter van Gessel

    We tried this feature. But we don't see the benifit over CC'ing our Salesteam (light agent)? 

    • When we CC a sales person, they can easily reply to the ticket, which becomes a yellow internal comment

    We don't really want to send a ticket to more than one person, as this gets no reply. So I guess Office 365 groups is not a function for us then?

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    Ian Christopher B. de Jesus

    Hi Wouter,

    The integration is meant to share tickets to a team inside Office 365 groups. You are right, the cc feature is would be the best choice in your use case.



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    Edwin Schukking

    We moved to using Microsoft Teams (an liking it so far) instead of the Outlook Groups. When we add the Zendesk connector to an MSTEAM channel, then the tickets are received in the Outlook Group instead of in the TEAM channel.

    Will there be an update of the integration, which will display the escalated ticket in Microsoft Teams (as well)?



  • Hi Edwin,

    I will check with Microsoft if they have plans to update the connector. They developed the Outlook Group connector.


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