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Zendesk's Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Program ensures resiliency, recoverability and contingency from significant business disruption, such as local or regional events like a natural disaster, fire, power outage, acts of malice, and technical or infrastructure disruption. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery focuses on ensuring Zendesk's critical business functions and technologies will continue to operate despite a significant disruption that might otherwise have caused an interruption, or will be recovered to an operational state within a reasonably short period.

Resilience and Risk Mitigation

Business resilience is the ability an organization has to quickly adapt to disruptions while maintaining continuous business operations and safeguarding people, assets, and overall brand equity. One of the most important factors in maintaining business resilience is a proactive, comprehensive, and methodical approach to risk (both internal and external to our customers).

  • We have developed a risk framework and strategy that accounts for the evaluation of our facilities, technology, applications, data, processes and overall organization to ensure our risk mitigation strategy operates at multiple levels with broad coverage.
  • On an annual basis we conduct risk assessments and business impact analysis (BIA) to understand and mitigate risk.

Redundancy and Recoverability

Our server clustering and network redundancies eliminate single points of failure, ensuring high service availability.

  • Zendesk uses a fully redundant, distributed, and automated environment consisting of geographically separate data centers running multiple, self-sustaining instances of the Zendesk application. As a precaution, we have additional space and power to add capacity to our data centers should one data center become unrecoverable in a disaster.
  • We use multiple Internet service providers, connected through diverse paths entering the facilities at physically secure, separate locations. This redundant mesh-edge network design delivers robust networking through a number of paths.
  • Our database data is stored on efficient flash memory devices with multiple servers per database cluster.
  • Any hardware component failures are handled quickly and easily with automated builds and deploys.
  • Our strict backup regime helps protect your data should we experience a major incident. Key source data for standard Zendesk accounts is backed up daily, which includes both local and off-site storage.

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