Redirecting traffic from deleted Help Center articles

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  • David Halewood

    Hi Devan - Community Manager, thanks, would the above solution work across brands, it should from what I've seen but I wonder how SEO might be impacted. We are keen to retain relevance whilst redirecting to our new brand.  Any help from the moderator team would be greatly appreciated.

  • Kay
    Community Moderator

    Hi David,

    For a hostmapped domain (example: you can set-up a 301 Redirect via a .htaccess file.

    Using the .htaccess method won't impact your SEO. The JS redirect might have impact on your SEO.
    From an SEO point of view, a JavaScript redirect is not the most optimal way of redirecting because search engines need to render a page to find the redirectRedirecting using a 301 redirect is always recommended (except if you're looking to temporarily redirect)

    Articles still have the same ID
    If your articles still have the same ID, then you need 1 redirect line.

    Articles with changed IDs
    You will need a single redirect line for each article if your articles no longer have the same article ID.

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