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  • Haden Blau

    If we were to setup call forwarding from our existing, local US-based business phone number, would this prevent outbound calls from the existing, physical phones we have on-site? Or would only inbound calls to that number be affected by the change?

    We question this because the existing local number we have is used throughout the building in multiple departments and while inbound calls usually are all support related, occasionally someone from our fulfillment department will need to place an outgoing call with our existing number to a shipping provider, etc. And ideally we would like this scenario to still be possible after setting up the number to forward to a Zendesk Talk number.

  • Elissa
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Haden Blau


    When setting up call forwarding from an external number, all of the details and configuration are handled by your existing telephone service provider, so it really depends on your current phone system's capabilities. In this situation there is no special integration between your phone system and Zendesk Talk, you are simply forwarding phone calls from your call system to the Zendesk Talk phone number the same way you would if you were forwarding your calls to a cell phone or a land line or another phone number.

    From my general experience with setting up call forwarding, forwarding incoming calls to a number does not affect your ability to make outgoing calls. But, again this all depends on how your phone system works. I would recommend consulting with your current phone carrier to ask them what happens when you set up forwarding of your phone calls and what functionality they provide for configuring that system. 

    I hope that helps! 


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