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    Andreas Schuster


    i really appreciate this article, it already helped me so much.

    However i am stuck since 2 hours on finding the statement to read out average number of public replies to solve a ticket. (per agent)
    I am trying to start with your code in this example, but so far no luck.
    Could you give me a hint?



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    Brian Manning

    Hi Andreas - Once you get into the ticket updates the metrics can get a bit tricky. If you want to get an average number of public comments made by the assignee on a ticket I'd try something like this.

    If you divide that by the "# Solves by Updater" metric above you should get the average for tickets and comments made by the assignee. In this case be sure to slice by the "Updater" attribute and not "Ticket Assignee".

    Here's the plaintext syntax from that screenshot.

    SELECT IFNULL(COUNT(Ticket Updates), 0) WHERE Ticket Status IN(Solved, Closed) AND Updater ID (fact) = Assignee ID (Fact) AND Updater Role IN (Agent, Admin) AND Public Comment = true


    This is just off the top of my head. I'd give it a try and see if that does the job. If you have any trouble reply here and I'll spin up a ticket for you so we can dig a bit deeper.


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    Walter Padilla

    I've been stuck trying to create the #Solve Assists Metric because I am unable to find the value below where it is listed 

      • true is in Attribute values

    Can I be told where to find it, or if this has been updated and changed?

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    Ricardo Pinto

    Hello, Walter!

    I believe we have already talked about this issue in a ticket, but in any cases, I was able to recreate the metric and I managed to find the value true under the Attribute Public Comment:

    Please remember when using Attribute Values, firstly you need to select the Attribute and only then you will be able to select its value.

    Hope this helps.

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    Brad Harris

    First of all, this recipe is super helpful!

    I'm looking to modify this slightly to simply collect the number of updates by agent (updater) on all tickets created within the specified month, solved tickets aren't really a metric we track.

    We have a custom app that is (supposed to be) adding a tag of the agent's name to a ticket any time that agent contributes to the ticket. At the beginning of each month, we look at how many tags that agent has on relevant tickets, and boom - we have what we want for agent ticket activity. The app doesn't quite work and it causes some other annoying problems as well, so we would like to ditch it.

    Could someone help suggest a modification to this report that can give me a result closer to what I have above?

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    Graeme Carmichael


    Have a look at this comment. This shows the number of tickets updated by an agent. Sounds like it is similar to what you are after?

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