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Sometimes you just want your customers to communicate with you via your Help Center, but your email channel gets in the way. While there is no way to stop requests from being sent in via email, you can use a workaround to close email tickets and direct your customers to your glorious custom code filled Help Center.
Note : This workflow only blocks emails from coming into your account. Your agents will still be able to use their email and the agent interface to communicate with their tickets.

Creating your trigger

First you will want to create a trigger that closes out the ticket, tags it, and sends back an automated response to direct the user to your Help Center.
To create your trigger
  1. In Admin ( ) > Business rules > Triggers , click add trigger .
  2. Under Meet all of the following conditions , add the conditions shown below.

  3. Under Perform these actions , add the actions shown below.

  4. Click Create trigger .
Now when a ticket is created via email, Zendesk Support responds with an automated email asking the user to create a ticket in your Help Center. The trigger will close the ticket automatically and apply a tag. This tag is useful for many reasons. For example, it enables you to keep track of email tickets in your reports.

Deactivating default triggers and ticket CCs

You will also want to deactivate the default triggers that send out emails to your customers and ticket CCs to prevent users from responding via email. For more information on default triggers see, Zendesk Support default triggers .
To deactivate default triggers
  1. In Admin ( ) > Business Rules > Triggers , hover over any trigger that includes Notify requester.
  2. Click the deactivate link.
  3. A notification will appear to confirm if you want to deactivate your trigger. Click Ok .
To deactivate CCs on tickets
  1. In Admin ( ) > Settings > Tickets > CCs , uncheck the Enable CCs on tickets box.

  2. Click Save tab .

Hiding your email address

Most importantly, you will want to hide your email address to prevent emails from being sent there. You can use the options below to hide your email address.
If you want to avoid creating triggers, you can use reject:* in your email blacklist (see Using the whitelist and blacklist to control access to Zendesk Support ). This will reject any email that comes into your account (unless it's whitelisted).
If you are looking to do the opposite and create an email only Help Center, you can remove the Submit a request button (see How to create an email only Help Desk with Help Center ).
Your email channel will now be successfully blocked.
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