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  • UrbanCut ApS


    Can your support help us, we have to change our billing adress to; It is possible your support can help us.


    Comment edited by Zendesk Community Team to redact personal contact information

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi UbranCut Aps -

    I went ahead and removed the email address from your comment since this is a publicly visible forum and we wouldn't want that to get spammed.

    In order to change your billing address, you'll need to submit a ticket to

  • Itay Banner

    I emailed your billing team 2-3 times during the past few weeks, but no answer. I cancelled our account a day after the cost for a new month was charges. I asked to refund this last charge but beside your auto-replies I got no real answer. Maybe I can get some help through here?

  • Dana Singh

    @ItayBanner  I've contacted our Finance Team and looks like it has been taken care of. Sincere apologies.

  • Itay Banner

    Indeed, it seems so


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