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Triggers and automations are useful, but often confusing, automated business rules you can use to streamline your agents' workflow. This article discusses the following real-life trigger and automation scenarios, and how agents can handle them:

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My customers are receiving numerous email responses even when I don’t add a reply. Why is this happening?

This would happen because the trigger is set up to notify customer on every ticket update - not only on public comment.

How can I tell if the emails from the agent were sent to the user?

Agents sent a message in the ticket that were intended as internal communication and was not intended to go to the ticket requester.

You can view this by clicking "Show All Events" from within the ticket to view the full ticket events.

I want to add a hyperlink to the “Notify Requester of Received Request” trigger.

When an end user submits a request, I want it to have a hyperlink saying something along the lines of, “To add additional comments, reply to this email or use this link to review status or add additional comments.” The word LINK should hyperlink to the ticket on the my activities page. Is there a way to do that with HTML & Placeholders, since markdown isn’t supported?

Notifications sent using a trigger or an automation must use HTML for every type of formatting. For URLs you need something like:<a href="{{}}">link</a>

I want to create a trigger that sends the ticket to a specific group when the email subject is “Amazon Order Has Shipped.” Is this possible?

Yep! The trigger condition Ticket: Comment text | Contains the following string will look at the subject.

I’m trying to route a ticket to the Billing group, however I think this trigger is preventing it from switching groups.

Every time I make the change, “Show All Events” shows me that this trigger fired and switched the groups back to Support. How can I edit this trigger so that I can move it to the Billing group?

The trigger needs to be edited to include the condition Ticket is… | Created.

My agents are receiving an email notification every time a ticket is created and it’s overwhelming their email inboxes.

They are working out of Zendesk Support all day anyways, so we really don’t need these email reminders. How do we stop this?

You need to deactivate the default trigger “Notify all agents of received request”:

  1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Triggers.
  2. Locate the trigger you want to deactivate.
  3. Hover your mouse over the trigger and select Deactivate.

I want to create a trigger to inform my customers that we will be closed for an upcoming holiday.

When a ticket is created, I want my customers to receive an additional notification letting them know that we will be closed and our responses will be delayed. Can you help?

You first need to create a holiday schedule for the time your business is closed. Then you’d want to create a trigger with the following conditions:

  • Ticket is... | Created
  • Ticket: On a holiday? | Yes

    The condition Ticket: On a holiday? only appears in the conditions list if you've set a holiday schedule.

Whenever my VIP customers submit tickets I want the priority to be automatically set to Urgent.

I have tagged their organizations, but don’t know how I should create the trigger.

When you tag an organization, all of the tickets that they submit will have that tag so your trigger would look like this:

I have an automation setup to assign a ticket to a specific agent, but it doesn’t seem to be working as its not updating when the ticket is created. Can you see what the deal is?

This is the automation I'm using:

For this scenario, you should set up a trigger instead of an automation. The trigger conditions you need are:

  • Ticket is... | Created
  • Ticket Received at | [support address]

How can I make a trigger to add a comment to a ticket?

Triggers cannot add comments. Instead you’d need to create a macro. For information on macros, see Using macros to update tickets and chat sessions.

I would like to make a trigger that will automatically email the Support group after the assignee has not responded for 24 hours. How can I do this?

Instead of a trigger you’d need to create an automation. The automation would look something like the example below:

You could also use the following conditions and action:

  • (Condition) Ticket: Hours since assignee updated | (calendar) Greater than | 24
  • (Condition) Ticket: Tags | Contains none of the following | notify
  • (Action) Ticket: Add tags | notify

I have A LOT of tickets that need to have a ticket field updated on. Could I make an Automation to do this?

Definitely! Like so:

Is there a way I can be notified of an SLA breach?

The best you can do is create an automation that will notify you an hour after the breach:

My team needs to be aware when a problem ticket has more than 10 incidents! How can I do this?

Below is an example of what the trigger should look like:

How can I prevent tickets that are created by an agent from being assigned to their default group?

Instead, I want the tickets be unassigned.

You'd want to create a trigger that looks like this:

How do I stop all of these annoying emails that my agents keep getting!?

They are working in Zendesk Support all day, so I do not need them to receive emails on the tickets as well.

You can deactivate your agent notification emails by clicking the Admin Icon () in the sidebar, and selecting Triggers, then deactivating the following triggers:

  • Notify assignee of comment update
  • Notify assignee of assignment
  • Notify assignee of reopened ticket
  • Notify group of assignment
  • Notify all agents of received request

Can you tell me what is wrong with this automation? I can't save it.

You must have at least one of the following ticket properties in the ALL conditions section:

  • Status
  • Type
  • Group
  • Assignee
  • Requester

One of my Admins accidentally deactivated our “Notify Requester of Comment Update” trigger months ago.

I understand that we may not be able to resend the comments for the closed tickets, however I was hoping we’d be able to create an automation to resend the comments for tickets that are closed.

You could create an automation that would run through your non-closed tickets and resend your ticket comments. The advantage of doing an automation vs a trigger is that you don’t need update the tickets, and the automation will just run automatically after about an hour.

I've created an automation so that a pending ticket would close in 7 days if not resolved. I tested it and it was placed into a Pending status on March 25 at 10:18am EST.

What am I missing?

This is correct, but keep in mind that automations run on an hourly basis and they do not always run at the top of the hour.

I'm new to Zendesk Support, and I would like to create a rule: for all tickets that contain the tag "out of office" do not send the email acknowledging receipt.

You will need to alter the “Notify requester of received request” trigger to add the below in the section Meet all of the following conditions:

We want to add end-user as CC via Trigger or Automation - e.g, the account manager. Can this be done? How do we make a trigger do this?

They will not be able to natively, but they can do that through targets: What you can do however is set the user up as a Target and trigger a notification to them that way.

I want to be sure my customers receive a notification when agents create tickets on their behalf. I do not want to use the "Notify Requester of Received Request" trigger as the wording doesn't quite work. How would I make a new trigger that would do this?

First you'll want to edit your existing default "Notify requester of received request" trigger to include the condition Other: Current user | Is not | (agent). This will prevent customers from getting two notifications. Next, you'll create a new trigger like the one below to notify the requester when agents create tickets on their behalf:

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