Updating the breadcrumbs in Help Center to match a custom Community name

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  • Eric Greenspan

    Cool! How about just simply changing the name on the main Help Center page?

  • Jake Bantz

    Hi Eric!

    The main Help Center title is controlled from the Help Center settings under General Help Center settings. At the bottom of that setting page, you can set the title of your Help Center. There are even multiple options available if your Help Center is available in more than one language.

    Does that help with what you were looking to update?

  • Eric Greenspan

    I want to set the title of my community. Way too hard to do.

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Eric!

    Jake mentions this briefly in his article, but I can provide you with some additional detail.

    Provided that you're not on the Starter or Essential plan, you have access to customize the code in your Help Center. This is where you'll go to customize your Community name.

    In your Help Center, go to General > Customize design, and then click Edit theme. This will take you to the theme editor.

    From there, you'll select the Community topic list page from the drop down menu above the code window. The following screenshot will show you where the Community title is:

    Remove the aqua-colored t and the spaces that follow it. Then change community inside the brackets and apostrophes to whatever you want your Community name to be:

    Remember to leave the brackets and apostrophes, or it won't work! Click Preview and you'll see what it'll look like in real life before you save the change.

    Depending on what theme you're using you may see a slight variation in the code and which line the title appears on, but the general idea will be the same.

    We always recommend that you proceed with caution when making any alterations to your Help Center code. Once you start making changes, your Help Center is considered custom and our Support team might not be able to help you if something breaks. When in doubt, ask for help! We have several Help Center gurus here in the Community who can help you out.

  • Eric Greenspan

    Thanks. I did in fact get this working. What about the word Community in the header however?

  • Jake Bantz

    Hi Eric,

    Which Header? Do you have a screenshot? All of the themes are pretty different, so it would be very helpful to know the context.

    I'd be happy to have a look.

  • Darren Taylor

    Is there anyway to edit the text on the Home Page breadcrumb? I believe its on the "category_page.hbs" but can't quite figure out how to change this.


  • Jake Bantz

    Hi Darren,

    The easiest change here would be to rename the category to 'Home Page'. I think I found your Help Center and the category name is actually set to Home Page, but it is meant to store FAQs.

    If you navigate to the category page and click 'Edit category' you will be able to change the title there, which will impact the breadcrumbs.

    Does that help?

  • Darren Taylor

    Awesome thanks Jake. That was easy :)

  • Manuel

    Hi there! 

    I've just commented on this article: 

    Is there a way to replace the help center name with an icon? So far I noticed the only way is to add an icon.


    Thank you very much in advance! 

  • Trapta

    Hi @Manuel,

    Try below code by pasting it at the bottom of your style.css file:

    .breadcrumbs, .breadcrumbs li {display: flex;}
    .breadcrumbs li:first-child > a {
    color: transparent;
    width: 15px;

    .breadcrumbs li:first-child > a:before {
    color: #000;
    font-family: "entypo";
    content: '\2302';

    Let me know how it goes for you.

    Team Diziana


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