Using a Google Voice number for Failover (Talk Basic and Advanced) Follow

Zendesk Talk offers a really useful feature for when you can’t access Zendesk -- a failover number to route calls to until you can reach Zendesk again. You can easily set-up a free (for US-based numbers) failover number with Google Voice that will record voicemails and send them into your Zendesk to handle when you’re back up and running.

To set this up, you need a Talk Basic or Talk Advanced account.


Step 1: Create a Google Voice Number. To do so, go to and follow the prompts to get your number. Yes, it really is as easy as it sounds!

Step 2: Navigate to the settings menu (the gear icon in the top right of the Google Voice screen

Step 3: Go to Voicemail & Text, then click on Record New Greeting. Note to your customers that your phones are currently down and that, if a message is left, you will get back with them as soon as your phones are back up

Step 4: Stay on the Voicemail & Text tab. Now, select Voicemail Notifications and put your Zendesk’s email address in this field

Step 5: Go to the Calls tab and enable “Do Not Disturb” (this will route all calls to Voicemail)

Step 6: Return to the Phones tab, and deselect all of the options available.

Step 7: Place a test call to your new Google Voice number, and leave a Voicemail. You should see that Voicemail appear in your Zendesk as a ticket.

Step 8: Return to your Zendesk instance. Navigate to the Settings Menu > Channels > Voice > Numbers and select the number you want this to be a failover for. Put the number in here. (For details, see Adding a failover number.

And you’re done! When your Zendesk account fails over, calls will be routed to your Google Voice number. Voicemails left there will be routed to your Zendesk instance via email, allowing you to call the customers back the moment your Zendesk is back!

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    This information is a very good start.  Additionally, a custom view could be set up for these emails/tickets so that they get special attention.

    Another option is to configure the Google Voice number to ring up to 6 phones.  These can be configured within Google Voice.   The calls could be forwarded to agent mobile phones to ensure the calls are answered by a live person.   

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    Google Voice is only avalaible in the U.S.

     Do you know/recommend a similar alternative for European Phone numbers?




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    Unfortunately, I do not know of a European alternative at this point.  

    While searching the web, I did find this link.

    Hope it helps,


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